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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

I woke up one hour ago and as per my usual habit, i checked Coinmarketcap. Before i do so i remembered that yesterday btc was close to 25k and everyone was wishing for it to reach the 25k mark.

To my surprise when i check it out it had increased to 27k, an All-time high once again. It wasn't over though, btc has to break its record once again and you can see the result below

Different Scenarios

I think that is only the beginning and till the end of January, BTC will only increase in price. After that, i believe we gonna see a dump which gonna be a great opportunity for some to buy cheap but that's only an assumption. There are multiple Scenarios going on which i am gonna state right below!

Pumping Forever Scenario

This scenario is what i kept on hearing these days. In this Scenario, BTC will keep on pumping forever reaching 30k, then 50k, 100k, and only the sky is the limit as they say.

I don't know if this sounds realistic you are the ones to tell all i know is that during December btc has broken every Record!

Dumping Forever Scenario

This is the complete opposite Scenario. Some people, especially those that believe that btc is a scam, bubble and has no future, are constantly saying that its price will decrease a lot in the coming months.

Pumping and Dumping Scenario

This is another scenario in which i can say i believe the most. In this Scenario, the BTC will have its pumps and dumps depending on the market.

That's the more realistic scenario if you ask me as nobody knows what tomorrow will bring and to tell you the truth mostly nobody can predict its future. Everything you hear is only speculations and nothing more.

Before we talk more about the future of Hive and Leo let's see the prices for now.

It is true that we aren't having a crazy pump at both Leo and Hive prices. It's worthy of mentioning though, that Leo managed to go up to 28 cents (maybe more i don't remember).

Generally, though we see stability on both Leo and Hive and that's not entirely bad. A lot of people are all over the top coins these days with the huge pump, so it's natural in a way that you don't see a lot of new users bursting this place.


It's not that nobody joins us though. As you can see above we got some new users to join us and without the long waiting as the onboarding procedure became extremely fast.

That means and should give you all that are somehow feeling a bit down with the prices the message that developments and updates are constantly happening.

The teams of both hive and Leo are working hard behind the scenes and are building a strong base. That strong base will make the price pump in 2021 i am certain.

So don't worry, continue doing what you do, interact with others, and hodl your hive and leo cause who knows, maybe 2021 will bring some profits to us all!

We will assume that a user has 500 Hive or Leo in total, an amount that isn't that hard to accomplish. Given the current prices, 500 Hive is equal to 56$ and 500 Leo 111.5$ If just the prices double you gonna see your 500 Hive worth 112$ and your Leo 223$! 500$ If it reaches 1$

So my advice to you is to keep on staking, interacting, and spreading the news about Hive and Leo everywhere! 2021 will be a great year for us!

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