Finally Achieved my goal of 500 LBI and now only Power Up!

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2 years ago - 2 minutes read

I can't be happier today. 2021 is next door, me and my loved ones are healthy, i am waiting for the new Leo airdrop announcement and i managed to achieve 2 of my 2021 goals already.

20 days ago i made a post about my 2021 goal regarding cryptos. I tend to be realistic so my goals weren't that high but at the same time, i had no expectation of achieving some of them even before 2021!

So two of my goals that achieved were the following. The first one was to accumulate 500 LBI, which more or less with the current prices is worth close to 115$ For some, this amount may be nothing and even here in Greece, it's not that much either.

For someone that managed to accumulate this amount without spending a single cent but instead by creating content, it's the world! 20 days ago i had 220 LBI and till yesterday 350.

A couple of minutes before i write this post i finally, sent the rest 150 and thus completed my goal!

Another goal i completed was tied to the @clicktrackprofit and @ctpsb community. You see the ctp community is one of a kind, very active and with great people. Sadly i don't have the time to be active there but i do what i can.

One of my goals was to have 1k of CTP tokens and 20 days ago i had the astronomic amount of 15... As i said before, i love this community and that's why i now have 1100 CTP tokens, which i have delagated for better use!

At this point i don't have any @Lbi-token related goals even though i believe it's one of the most promising project, i just wanna increase my LP from now on and as you can see in the image above with the remaining liquid Leo i had, I did what it must be done :P

At this point, i want to thank some specific people like, @trumpman @leomaniacsgr, @taskmaster4450le, @onealfa.leo and everyone else that by supporting my content made this happen way before than i thought.

Also, by achieving some of these goals that early, you all gave me another motivational boost that will me keep on the right track of creating and curating content! My next goal now is to increase my LP from 1100 to 5000 by the end of 2021!

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