My Last Post for 2020... See you Next Year!

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2 years ago - 3 minutes read

Hello to everyone reading this awesome post!

I don't know how 2020 was for you and i don't even know how 2021 will be. For starters, i am thinking of shutting my mouth this year with all the wishes and stuff cause every time i say something nice we ended up with an economical crisis or pandemic!

By now you are all aware that i am from Greece. In Greece, we spent this day by eating and partying... a lot as we do throughout the year! This year the party aspect won't be the same but damn... we gonna eat a lot!

Right now we are six and a half-hour before the New Year and there are a lot of things that need to be done. We already have done some preparation regarding food but there are so many that my assistance is needed. To add to that the same festive dinner will tomorrow as well but with different dishes so you can imagine...

Because of that this will be the last post for 2020 and after i publish it i may invest 30 minutes or so to curate and i am out!

I got many plans for 2021 but everything can be ruined easily. For starters, i wanna become a dolphin on both Hive and Leo and increase my stake in other tokens as well.

As, a dolphin, i can reward you more handsomely as you deserve it in my opinion. I also wanna take part in some crypto projects and if i am like a wanna find a job that is close to my studies or even better exactly what i want.

In an older post, i said that i got an idea. This idea revolves around the creation of my own token in Hive ecosystem. I got the initial idea, i know there is an audience but i lack the knowledge of how to create/ the tech stuff etc etc.

I also need to invest time in creating a more detailed overview of my idea and clear goals! This will be my biggest goal for 2021 which at the same time is the most difficult to be achieved!

Final Words for 2020

To close this post because i hope 2021 to make me stronger and to remain healthy. That's all i am asking and wishing and the rest will come.

So Happy New Year to you all from Greece and from me, the king of coolness and known gif master general!

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