My Leo & Token Goals (2020-2021)

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By reading your posts i realized that many of you have already set clear goals regarding your LEO and token Portfolio, something that i haven't.

Thus, by getting a little bit of jealous i decided to sit down and see what I've got in my wallet and what that wallet should look like after a few months or so.



Undeniably i invest many of my hours in LeoFinance. I don't think i should keep on saying, because it's already pretty known but i am quite active in here (2d place by Comments).

You must already have a comment of mine under one of your posts by now, so you can clearly understand how much i want to be in here. I wanna show to each and every single person i read his post the appreciation i believe it deserves but i don't have the LEO power (LP) yet to do as i please!


That's what i currently have, a little bit above 1k but i wanna grow it to 2000 Leo. Because at the same time i want to increase my LBI shares i decided to do the following.

Each week i will power up half of my LEO tokens and i will try to continue and be committed to one post per day as well as a bunch of comments!



I know that there are many among us, who don't care that much about HIVE and have power down everything, investing in other tokens or LEO. That's not how i do things though.

Hive as i have stated a couple of times is like a mother to every token/game/interface/platform in here. Especially, at that point without Hive we are nothing.


We need to understand that by implementing some changes on Hive we help each and every other tribe and token because we are tied. The opposite works the same. If for instance, we onboard 10k users in LEO, some will definitely check out Hive or the other tribes! it's a win-win!

Guys like @nathanmars @blocktrades and @how0 @taskmaster4450 know that that's why each and single one of them in their own way, tries to create value in this ecosystem!

Anyway, my plan is to become a dolphin in the following months, something that requires a total of 5k HP! I have around 4.2k for the time being!



This is a project everyone was desperately expecting for. Behind it, as i have said before is @silverstackeruk, the one responsible for the SPI that had a huge success.

Yesterday the LBI came into play with huge success as in 24 hours it has a fund of more than 18000$, with 67.500 tokens sold. To learn more follow the @lbi-token account!


Having said that, note that i missed the SPI train and each day i regret it. That's why as soon as i heard about LBI i gathered my LEO tokens and bought 220!


The goal, although it is a tough one, i wanna have in total 500 LBI tokens and for that each week I'll invest my other half of LEO Tokens


Another exciting token that i regret not paying attention to @trumpman when he was yelling at us to buy! The @brofund have already done a good job and uplifted this token price! Also, they have an extremely active community!


I only managed to buy 55 a week ago i think and the goal is to increase that number to 100, isn't it cooler to look at?


Yet another "simple" yet fascinating idea, especially because it was implemented here. You see in the Stock world index type of investments is everywhere but to see it here too it's amazing!


The day INDEX introduced i bought 75 tokens. The reason was that behind this project is @jongolson a very hard working and ambitious person, that you know he won't fail you!

After a while, i bought some totaling 106 and the long-term goal is to increase that number to 200!



I have said it countless times by now, but i have a special position about that tribe and token. I really like to write stem related stuff and i used to do it a lot back in Steemit Days!


Behind the wheel, as i have stated also countless times, is @themarkymark and you can follow @stemgeeks for any additional details.

I have high hopes for this community as i believe it can be the Leo of science. It can easily gather scientists or science enthusiasts which can "save" their studies forever in the platform among others! So the goal here is to grow my stake to 5k!



Another Token i have high hopes for. They are a little bit more generic but they try to find their way as well. What's important to note is that they have open negotiations with real e-commerce businesses to apply their ASH token! Find more here


The token can also be exchanged not only by LEOdex and Hive engine! For more follow @aeneas.blog. I already have 1k and wanna make it to 5k!

Other Tokens

There are other tokens under my radar that i want to delve into both by posting and by staking. Due to lack of time, i can't post there, but when i achieve the above goals, i am gonna try and gather 1k stake in each one! (100k for sports)

image.png image.png image.png image.png

New Idea

Aside from all the tokens, i got an idea about a tribe and ofc a token. I know 100% that there is a market gap for something similar but it should be the right way and not without focus!


I am very good at thinking of new and clever ideas but i lack the knowledge of how to implement them. You can say i am a visionary or something like that. From the time being, i want to focus on achieving the goals above.

In the meantime, though i will be starting thinking more seriously about the tribe, the token, how it can generate revenue and users, who to talk to, that shares the same passion etc etc

What are your goals?

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