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2 years ago - 1 minutes read

ohh a fellow balkan! i haven't been to Bulgaria yet but i wanna visit you guys! The mandatory army is basically for turkey :P

By the way what's your education- I mean what subject did you graduated ?

So i am in a weird situation. In Greece, we got technical universities and higher universities. 50 years ago, the tech ones were above the higher ones but that changed around 20 years ago by law.

3 years ago they decided to change the name and the structure to the majority of the universities in order to be on the same level let's say. During that time i was in the last year i had only 1 course left :p

because bureaucracy in Greece is shit we lost 1+ year waiting, then they added extra courses to all. They added 13 to my sector plus the 1 i had. I managed to pass the 13, do a 6 month internship as a recruiter and now i have that one course left.

My degree would be a bachelor on business administration with a minor in marketing and i have already passed in numbers, courses equal to the number that i would have if i had a masters :P so fuck my life

What's yours?

I also wish we both find a job

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