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i may rock your world by saying this, but i never check on the trending page and i have a reason for doing so! Before you start throwing rocks at me let me explain it!

To begin with, if you know me, then you already know how many posts i read and how many comments i make. So how it's possible not to check on the trending page, you may be wondering.

So for all of you that don't know my upvoting/commenting "strategy" let me inform you of what exactly i do. My priority is the people that i follow and have on my Feed.

I try to read their posts, upvote and comment on them. It's not mandatory that i will do so though. If i strongly disagree with something or i don't like it at all, then i will skip it. Or maybe if i don't have that much free time, then there is a chance i miss something.

Then after i finish with the posts on my feed i got 3 options. To check on trending, hot and recent pages. On the trending page, you will find the post with the most rewards, on the hot some new posts that seem to be doing well/decent, and on the recent page the newest pots!

Given the fact that my vote at 100% worths 0,1 Leo i don't see any point to go and vote posts on the trending page, with rewards over 40 Leo. Thus, i stay on Hot and Recent page and i try to balance my time on both.

I think an author with under 10 Leo rewards will appreciate way more my small upvote as well as my comment. Especially, when i find some underrated authors and make the first comment, i bet they feel as good as i!

It's not that i never see posts on the trending page though. I just don't prefer to scroll there. You see i already follow some people that are constantly on the trending page as well as the leo accounts.

So their posts pop up on my feed and i check some of them. Also, there is a chance that some of the people i already follow or randomly find an upvote to get an upvote from a whale and reach to the trending page!

In other words, while i don't spend my time at all on the trending page, some of the posts i upvote and comment on may end up there. I really hate though some people that constantly comment on posts that only reach the trending page, in an attempt to gather some upvotes!

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