Again Avalanche Finally Break Greedy Price Level Market Move Again Still On Track

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9 months ago - 2 minutes read

The avalanche market is not going to trend higher.we are in profit mode in avalanche market. if we were to get off the market we will be up 19 dollars.what i'm going to do the market in avalanche to see what has changed and we all can see it this is the trend fantastic.

We already can tell the market in avalanche is going to continue to move lower as long as it holds if we fall what it's over the market's going to begin to go lower as long as you see we are sitting pretty for the market in export to continue to go up.the market in avalanche is running across issues. images 6.png source The market in avalanche has been trading below 19 dollars.we got the rejection already being seen into the marketing we now know that sellers are still positioned into the market.we should not be bullish into the market at avalanche until we see this market at least break above 19 dollars. AVAXUSD_20220901_194033.png We're still getting that confirmation that the market was still selling off.if the was truly was bullish and the market was really trying to break price 19 dollars.this market is not extremely strong in avalanche we are getting these very widespread down which is indicative of weakness. this is weakness as well we're turning down we need to try to figure out . AVAXUSD_20220901_193954.png How low can the market we can see buyers is going to be around 19 dollars.i'm going to draw this out the market already is trying to bounce.we may be in the beginning stages of us trying to see available results find the energy of support and begin to move higher something like that i'm still suspecting. the market gonna continue to go down.i'm not looking for the market to hold this area it's going to be around 19 dollars.

What i'm going to do i'm going to go ahead and play the weakness into the marketing.the market to completely collapse a break.i'm looking for a slight movement to the downside i really want us to allow the buyers to continue to confirm to us they want to hold that simple as time continues to trade as price continues to trend a little bit lower our attention is going to be focused.

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