Bitcoin Is Still Geared To Go Up .The Buyers Are Trying To Build This Market Up Higher

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

We should not be bullish in the marketing bitcoin.I don't care what anyone says because the price chart is saying to us you shouldn't be bullish.we can see occurring to the marketing bitcoin outside of it going up is possibly seeing it. images 5.jpeg source The marketing bitcoin came back down to where it started there around 19,600 dollars.the marketing bitcoin has not been down at a 19,650 dollar,it's been trading higher we've seen the marketing bitcoin from the low of hit.the high this is the reason why you need to know when to get in we can see occurring to the market bitcoin is simply the market continuing to hold this trend.

We need to see the buyers continue to hold the support going forward now this volume that came into the marketing kind of bitcoin was massive.where I won't even be surprised at the marketing bitcoin continues to Trend lower will take us towards a dollar 19,513.we could get a visual depiction as to how we're going to look it's going to be I'll say around a 19,650 dollar that's going to be the next area. BTCUSD_20221017_125649.png We could possibly see the market that kind of never run down we don't want to be oblivious and think that the market is going to hold bottom concerning the amount of volume came through as well as this very widespread.we need to consider what would be the next level of support how fast prices can move down. BTCUSD_20221017_125752.png It takes the market longer going up it's like stair stepping your way up this is something drastic as well the market in bitcoin never got rejected this marketing bitcoin could not sustain price.I still suspect that the market weakness is present in bitcoin.I'm not surprised that they're trying to hold the market there again but we may actually see the marketing bitcoin try to go higher.

We have already seen buyers come in and hold support at a 19,700 dollars.how high do you think the market gonna go before we see more weakness and sellers come into the space. we can see price in bitcoin run up to these particular and get rejected

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