Why Splinterland (sps) Attempted To Move Price Higher.Buyers Definitely Have A Major Task Ahead Of Them To Ensure?

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8 months ago - 2 minutes read

The market in sps crashes or trades below 0.07 cents be pair be prepared for it to run down to that 0.05 cent level for the all-time low just be prepared for it not saying it's going to happen but it becomes highly probable.

We will see the destination come down.we're still seeing the inability of the buyers moving the market up.they attempted to move price higher.they are not winning the sellers in the markets are winning whoever is selling their sps in this particular cryptocurrency is winning. sps.png source They're dominating the buyers because every time price goes up it closes down.where the price went up it closed higher than the previous price bar.we're still seeing a weakness the buyers definitely have a major task ahead of them to ensure.they're able to keep the price supported around 0.069 cents.

What you can see the result of what happened on that idea would be for the market to continue to do the same thing.I'm not extremely positive of what we're seeing on these various time in sps.the market is still looking drastically weak.the market is still drastically weak and you can see how price attempted to move above a 0.068 cents.

It still got rejected that's a massive bearish sign as well.I can see outside of price containing to go lower and at the sps is the ability of the buyers to try to hold the market.the buyers have to 100 percent have to hold price this one thing price is highly likely to go lower. Screenshot_2022_1004_185302.jpg I'm telling you I don't see anything positive outside of the buyers holding.the market in sps around 0.071 cents.we're going to look for a sps to trend lower as long as price trades below 0.071 cents.the weakness is controlling this environment.we see sps break the current price then we can say the bulls are coming back into play.

We don't see the market and we come back down.we understand that the trend is still to the downside.I could see market holding price that would be the only thing that would get in the way of us seeing the market go down.

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