How To Buy pLEO And PolyCUB on Sushiswap

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PolyCUB is a new DeFi Yield Optimizer App powered by Polygon. In this blog, I will showcase how to use Sushiswap to buy pLEO and PolyCUB so that you can explore pLEO-WMATIC farm or stake your PolyCUB to get xPolyCUB which earn yields and early harvesting penalties. To know more about how xPolyCUB works, please checkout PolyCUB Staking page on the platform.

pLEO is a wrapped version of LEO token. The original asset i.e LEO is 'wrapped' into a smart contract, and a newly minted token pLEO is created to transact on Polygon. So far LEO has been expanded to wLEO (ETH), bLEO (BSC) and now pLEO (Polygon).

You can buy LEO on Hive Engine or Leodex and then convert it to pLEO using this link - https://wleo.io/polygon.

It obviously requires you to have a Hive account. But if you don't want to go down that route, then you can buy from SUHISWAP. It's a decentralized exchange that helps you EXCHANGE tokens on Polygon Network. Just like Uniswap on ETH or Pancakswap on BSC. Same shit, different network! Do set Polygon Network on your Metamask, please check out this tutorial I made last week. Let's see how to buy pLEO on Sushiswap:

  • You can buy MATIC or USDT/USDC on any of the exchanges like Binance which allows withdrawals to Polygon Network. Send those tokens to your Metamask.
  • Go to https://app.sushi.com/swap and connect your Metamask on Polygon Network.

PolyCUB is the native token of PolyCUB Yield Optimizing platform and you can stake it to get xPolyCUB. You can either buy it using pLEO you just bought or any other token on MATIC platform:

  • Go to https://app.sushi.com/swap and connect your Metamask on Polygon Network.
  • In the first dropdown, select the token you want to exchange for PolyCUB, in my case I am selecting pLEO. In the second dropdown search for "0x7cc15fef543f205bf21018f038f591c6bada941c" to get PolyCUB as an option.

I hope this helps. Using pLEO and PolyCUB you can explore and invest in the opportunities on PolyCUB platform. Insane APYs right now! If you face any issue, let me know in the comment box below. Cheers! Now go make me proud. 🤑🤑

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