Introducing 'The Mindful AI' Community On Hive

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AI has been a hot topic in 2023. It reminds me of the crypto gold rush of 2017. However, with its increasing use in diverse industries, concerns have been raised about its impact on society. Even the Hive community is affected by the abuse of AI-generated crap content. Fighting abuse is cool but isn't enough. We must do our best to educate creators and other users on Hive about the power of AI.

We must take advantage of this trend and explore the opportunities within and outside of the Hive network. This has led me to create a community I am calling The Mindful AI.

This blog will help you understand the purpose and future plans for the community.

I have been publishing AI-related content on LeoFinance, but it's a huge fkn niche that deserves its own online community. This is where AI enthusiasts can network and exchange ideas, knowledge, information, and resources freely. I noticed a gap in the market, and that's why I created Mindful AI.

Mindful AI is a decentralized community powered by Hive. It promotes the ethical use of artificial intelligence, encouraging development in this field that is mindful of its impact on society and the environment while respecting human rights and values.

The misuse of AI can have significant negative consequences for society. One of the biggest risks is the potential for AI to be used for malicious purposes, such as spreading misinformation or manipulating public opinion, or making decisions that are harmful to society if ethical considerations are not taken into account. It is crucial to promote the responsible use of AI to mitigate these risks.

I believe that AI can push the Web3 movement 10 years ahead. My goal is to help everyone hop onto this goldrush. Together we will create the biggest AI community on Hive and beyond. 👊

I am setting pretty simple guidelines:

  1. Anything related to AI. For example:
    • Latest News
    • Articles
    • List of tools
    • Prompts
    • Reviews
    • Tips & Hacks
    • Your Opinions
    • Your Projects
    • Videos & Graphics
  2. AI-generated content is also allowed but pt. 1 is mandatory.
  3. Abusers will get banned from participating in the community.

Just in case you use generative AI for content, add a disclaimer to declare that info in your posts. See the end of this post as an example. Also, it has to be unique, high quality & personalized.

Will add more guidelines as we go.

My personal opinion is that the quality of content should not be judged by its author (AI or Human). Humans give commands to AI so in reality human is the author in any case. If you input the garbage, your output will be garbage.

Garbage creators will not be able to create yummy content with or without AI and they will easily get noticed. As a curator, I plan on judging the quality of content only on the basis of my perception of the value. I like content that is well presented, educates or entertains me, or does both. If someone doesn't see value in AI-generated content because it is generated by AI, that's totally ok.

It is a debatable topic and we can surely have an open dialogue in the comment section of this blog or maybe you can make a post in the community citing your own arguments.

I will publish cool AI stuff from my own profile and @mindfulai. This is the community account - @hive-196902. And this is the community link on Peakd: https://peakd.com/c/hive-196902. I will also launch contests & giveaways when we have sponsors. If we don't get sponsors immediately, I will check my own bags to see what we can do.

If anyone has any ideas on how to get this community going, please reach out to me on Discord or comment below. Cannot do this alone so I need volunteers. Till then keep creating awesome AI content and use the community at your own will.

Don't forget to follow Mindful AI on Twitter. We will be sharing all AI-related Hive content on the account.