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a year ago - 1 minutes read

Hey @edicted, I am also sick of the propaganda that's been fed to us from the media and emotional speeches from these politicians. I am no expert on geopolitical issues and wars but this simple video by a man stuck in Kyiv made sense to me. Must watch!

It answers two questions:

  1. Why Russian Defense has not annihilated Ukraine even when the Russian Airforce owns the skies already? They don't want world war 3. They also don't want NATO and its allies to cover them from all sides.
  2. Why it is reckless to supply weapons to civilians who are not trained to use them?

I feel for the innocents getting killed because of the politics, egos, and power shows. Also, feel for the people who fall for propaganda so easily. I don't know what will happen but everything that's going on right now is pure BS. Can't trust one source and believe it to be true!

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