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That's a solid Hive/Leo Portfolio @onealfa. I am sure many would want to be in your place but there is only one alpha. 🚀

I was away for a while due to a personal commitment but I am back with a bang now. Great thing was, I still made money through curation and my CUB stakes. That's wonderful. Will be buying more CUBs for the airdrop. With PolyCUB, Cub Finance is going DeFi 2.0. While many platforms are still in the thinking mode, Leo Finance has taken massive action in terms of development and we are nearing the launch. Very soon.™ I am bullish on Hive, Leo & CUB.

Btw, I will ask my wife to use APPICS, she uses Instagram a lot. What is your profile's link to APPICS? Please share.

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