What is Web 3.0?

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Web 3.0, the new era of the Internet. How is web 3.0 different from its predecessors? What does it have in common with terms like blockchain or metaverse? In this article, I will try to answer these questions for you.

What is Web 3.0

The Internet has evolved tremendously since its beginning. From static library-like websites to modern web-based applications or social media. The Internet has become our second world. Web 3.0 is a set of next generation technologies which are based on artificial intelligence and machine learning. Its goal is to create more open and connected intelligent websites and web applications that focus on using automatic reasoning on transmitted data. Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning, Web 3.0 will aim to increase the speed of delivery of the most personalized and instantly relevant information to the user. This will be possible through the use of smarter search algorithms and the analysis of large data sets. According to the assumptions of web 3.0, a website should be able to adapt its information to a specific user. In web 3.0 websites and internet applications will have access to huge collections of data, which they will be able to analyze and understand on their own, all in order to satisfy individual user needs.

How the internet evolved


The early internet was based on something known as the web 1.0. Websites back then were built using static html pages that only displayed information to the user. They did not have any possibility to interfere with the data.


In Web 2.0, users could interact with the site by using databases, forms, or social media. This caused the web to evolve from static to more dynamic.

Web 3.0 - Our Future?


Looking at the history of the Internet, the evolution into a more intelligent network makes a lot of sense. Web 3.0 is not yet fully defined. It may instead use various P2P technologies, such as blockchain, metaverse or IOT (internet of things). Web 3.0 is also supposed to make applications independent of specific devices and work on many different types of hardware. Additionally, the 3.0 network increases openness and decentralization of the Internet. Currently network users have to rely on Internet providers who monitor data passing through system databases.

What makes Web 3.0 better than its predecessors?

Elimination of the central point of control More adequate and accurate search results Working on internet becomes much more easier as the internet is personalized Sharing of knowledge is easier More productive web persuing


Finding out if there is a web 3.0, we may feel that our world is slowly being replaced by artificial intelligence. More and more things that we associate with the normal world are beginning to be transferred to the web. There are buzzwords like metaverse or augmented reality. The evolution of the Internet is inevitable and in order not to be left behind but to be one step ahead we have to understand and be aware of the direction in which we are heading

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