How to create Scheduled tasks in Windows 10

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Charles Okeke
@fokusnow2 months ago
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In my last presentation I explained what scheduled tasks are and how you can easily check for scheduled tasks in windows 10. Just to help you recall, Scheduled tasks are those tasks set up to automatically execute when certain pre-set conditions are met. This feature is basically useful for executing repetitive tasks such as to update a particular software or defragment a hard disk. If you missed the first article on this subject, it would be best to check out the link below:

In this presentation, we will go straight into how to set up scheduled tasks. To begin, there are some processes we need to understand before we can successfully schedule tasks. They include the following:

  • Triggers: This represent a condition that the computer checks before starting off the scheduled task automatically. This condition might include each time the computer restarts, a particular date and times, or other specific system events. Once this condition is checked and it exists, the computer automatically kicks off the scheduled task.

  • Actions: The actions represents what happens when the trigger kicks off. This could still basically be called the task. SO immediately the trigger kicks off, the action takes place. Actions can involve a lot of things such as to check for update online, to play a sound, to show an image on the screen, or even to install some software.

  • Conditions: The conditions work hand in hand with triggers. Conditions are further detailed events that must be checked before running the task. If conditions are set, the computer has to be sure that these conditions have been met. Conditions vary and might include if the computer stays idle for a specific period of time, if a particular network connection is detected, if the computer is on AC or DC power and so on.

The above 3 things need to be properly understand before one can successfully set up a scheduled task. You can see these things in the task Scheduler dialogue box seen below:

Take the following steps to create a scheduled task in windows 10

Step 1: Type Task Scheduler in the search box on the task bar. Click on the app to open it.

Step 2: Right-click on Task Scheduler library and select New Folder. Type the name of the folder as shown below:

As you can see, I names my folder My new task

Step 3: Now, you need to create the task inside the folder just created. So click on Task Scheduler Library and select the folder you just created. Then click on New task from the menu options at far right.

Step 4: I will use the wizard to complete the remaining steps. First of all, I will name the task what I want to get down. In this case, I just want to Open Microsoft word program. So the name is Open Microsoft Word. After that, I will click Next.

Step 5: The next thing is to set up the trigger. In this case, I will use a time based trigger. The task will run One time and that is the trigger I want to choose. I will click Next.

Step 6: I will set the date and time when I want the task to execute. You can see the date and time I have chosen for this task.

Step 7: From the next window, I will select Start a Program. Then I will use the dialogue box provided to select the program start-up folder. After that, I have to click Next.

Step 8: I will be presented with a summary window of all the options I have selected to set up the task. I will then click Finish to conclude my set up. See Image below:

So once that time and date is reached, the task will automatically be executed.


The Task Scheduler is an important Windows 10 utility that can come handy if you have regular repetitive tasks to accomplish. Once everything is set, you will not have to bother again. Your computer will trigger when conditions are met, and the task will be executed as scheduled.

You can give it a try following the steps above.

Note: All images are screenshots from my Windows 10 PC.