Hive wallet for Splinterlands? - Simple guide

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Guide to using your Hive wallet for Splinterlands in order to make real money from the game.

Your Hive wallet IS your Splinterlands account.

On Hive, there are no complicated strings of letters and numbers that you need to remember in order to use your account and wallet.

Your Hive wallet is your Splinterlands username and nothing more.

This guide to setting up your Hive wallet to make real money in Splinterlands is designed to walk you through the process with as little fuss as possible.

Let’s dive right in.

1. Buy a Summoner’s Spellbook

When you buy a Summoner’s Spellbook, you will be prompted to choose your username for the game.

Remember, this username is not only your alias within the game, but will also be your Hive wallet address.

You will always use this username as your Hive wallet address that is required to send and receive HIVE crypto.

2. Request the keys to your Hive wallet

In order to take full ownership of your Hive wallet, you need to request the keys associated with your Hive account.

Click your username and Request Account Keys.

A one time link will then be emailed to you from the game with the keys required to take full ownership of your Hive wallet for Splinterlands.

3. Take full ownership of your Hive wallet

Now that you have your private keys, you have full ownership over your account and Hive wallet.

Unlike other crypto networks that use a single private and public key to control your entire account, Hive keys are broken down into the following:

  1. Posting Key
  2. Active Key
  3. Memo Key
  4. Owner Key
  5. Master Password

In order to make things simple, use the Hive Keychain Chrome extension to interact with Splinterlands and other Hive based dApps.

Hive Keychain works in exactly the same way that MetaMask works with Ethereum based dApps and ensures the keys pertaining to your Hive wallet are always used securely.

4. Use your Hive wallet to make real money from Splinterlands

Remember that your Hive wallet IS your Splinterlands account.

And with that knowledge, you’re now able to use your Hive wallet to make real money from Splinterlands.

Any Splinterlands DEC that you earn inside the game can be transferred to Hive-Engine, sold for HIVE and ultimately cashed out via your exchange of choice.

Best of all, your Hive account and associated wallet can be used to connect to an entire ecosystem of hive-based dApps.

All with different ways to earn real money in the form of crypto.

Best of probabilities to you.

PS. The term ‘hive wallet splinterlands’ has a ton of search volume and this LeoFinance blog is designed to fill the void.

If you've come via Google and have any further Hive wallet or Splinterlands related questions, simply drop a comment below and I’ll do my best to help you out.

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