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Sharing my experience of earning crypto on LeoFinance.

In a recent YouTube video, our friends at Whiteboard Crypto outlined a whole range of ways to get free crypto.

On the following timestamped, embedded video, take a look at what comes in at number 7:

Pretty cool to see the LeoFinance community getting some recognition outside of our own Hive bubble.

As someone who was writing on Steem and made the move to Hive to write exclusively on LeoFinance, I definitely have a story to share.

I wanted to take some time to share my experiences around earning crypto by blogging on the platform and how you can get free crypto for your time.

Trust me, if I can earn free crypto on LeoFinance, then you can too!

What is LeoFinance?

So just What is LeoFinance?

Built on top of the decentralised Hive blockchain, LeoFinance is more than a blogging platform - It’s a community.

Technically, we’re a trading and investments community, but in reality we’re so much more than that.

All powered by HIVE and our very own layer-2 token called LEO.

LeoFinance vs Publish0x

Mentioned in the Whiteboard Crypto YouTube video alongside LeoFinance as a way to earn crypto by blogging, was other sites such as Publish0x.

But a distinction needs to be made between making money blogging, and earning crypto blogging on a truly decentralised platform.

You see thanks to being built on the Hive blockchain, you have an underlying immutable, censorship-resistant account that nobody can silence or take away.

Publish0x on the other hand, is a completely centralised solution where you’re posting to a centralised website with 1 front-end and being paid tips from their company’s bank account.

Thanks to its home on the Hive blockchain, LeoFinance is the only decentralised crypto blogging platform mentioned on the video.

If you’re on Publish0x, then you may as well just be running ads on your own WordPress site.

Earning free crypto on LeoFinance

So if not from a company’s centralised bank account like on Publish0x, where does the free crypto that you’re earning on LeoFinance come from?

Let’s introduce the concept of the Hive rewards pool and the community layer-2 built on top.

The Hive rewards pool

The Hive rewards pool is what allows you to get free crypto for joining the LeoFinance community.

The Hive rewards pool can be viewed as a way to print and distribute new HIVE tokens.

As part of the blockchain's code, a portion of the daily inflation is sent to the rewards pool, incentivising bloggers to publish quality content on their chosen community.

In this case, LeoFinance.

Content creators and curators each receive half of the daily rewards pool payouts, which means that the HIVE token gets widely distributed.

As a result, real value is built in the form of quality content, while the HIVE token becomes more decentralised.

Due to the DPoS concsus model employed by the Hive blockchain, token distribution is VERY important when it comes to maintaining full ownership of your Hive account and LeoFinance blog.

But back to the rewards pool…

When a Hive blog is upvoted, the money does not come from the upvoter's stake, but is actually distributed as a share of the newly minted tokens.

An upvoter's account with more HIVE POWER has a greater say in how the rewards pool is distributed.

You will make more money from your blog if you are upvoted by a large HIVE stakeholder.

With 50% of the daily rewards pool payouts going to curators, these large stakeholders are more likely to discover and upvote quality blog content.

All you’ve gotta do is start publishing it.

The LEO rewards pool

But when you add tokenised communities such as LeoFinance and the LEO token to the layer above, this is where things to start to get really exciting.

LeoFinance is a layer-2 tokenised community that your immutible Hive account can also interact with.

So for posting on LeoFinance, you will also be paid a portion of the LEO rewards pool too.

Yep, on top of your HIVE rewards, you will also earn LEO rewards for your content and curation.

Our LEO rewards pool operates exactly the same way as our Hive rewards pool, except that it allows investors to curate and display content more relevant to our niche front-end.

For example, a sports blog may receive a lot of votes from HIVE stakeholders, but since LeoFinance is all about finance, a lack of votes from LEO stakeholders will cause it to be displayed differentlt on the trending section of leofinance.io.

This multi-layered system of HIVE and then LEO, ensures quality content is correctly displayed and allows bloggers to make money in the form of two different cryptocurrencies.

A way to get free crypto blogging, without a domain, all via your single Hive account.

How to get free crypto by joining the LeoFinance community

If you want to get free crypto by blogging, then joining the LeoFinance community should be your first port of call.

Click the get started button at the top right hand corner of this page and grab yourself a free, censorship-resistance, immutable Hive account which you can not only use on LeoFinance, but also on any Hive based application.

Thanks to the community’s home on the Hive blockchain, LeoFinance is the only truly decentralised crypto blogging solution.

See you around the community!

Best of probabilities to you.

Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

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