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Where can I sell HBD and HIVE for fiat currencies?

Don’t have a KYC account on Bittrex or Upbit?

Well, LeoFinance has set up the ability to bridge your HBD to a BSC based derivative called bHBD.

They have then built liquidity pools on the Cub Finance platform for bHBD:BUSD and bHIVE:bHBD.

Meaning that you can now permissionlessly swap between HBD and anything traded against BUSD via a DEX.

Once you have BUSD, you can easily swap it to your coin of choice (@opinizeunltd's suggestion of BTC or ETH will take another step as you can't buy those native assets on BSC), or simply send it as is to your non-KYC CEX of choice to withdraw into fiat.

Check out my how to buy HIVE without KYC tutorial for the process (and obviously just change bHIVE to bHBD)

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