RE: PLEASE READ: Don't Kid Yourself - In its Own Way, Hive Censors! Yup, we have 'Hivewatchers'

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7 months ago - 1 minutes read

Oh HiveWatchers 🤦‍♂️.

You're right that while Hive is censorship-resistant at the blockchain level, the issue of functional censorship if all the major front-ends use the same 'blacklist' is very much real.

I know you don't want to change how you write, but I would really encourage you to make a few little changes.

Instead of quoting the text you're referencing, just link to the page you're taking the info from and paraphrase the section into your own words.

This will:

  1. Ensure you're properly referencing, so no issues there.
  2. Make it a better experience for your reader who doesn't have to go through blocks of quotes.
  3. Keep HiveWatchers off your back who I agree are doing a massive disservice to Hive itself - They just don't get it.
  4. Help SEO for leofinance.io because it won't be duplicated (yes referenced but the crawler doesn't care) quoted text.

Everybody wins!

Anyway, all the best with your battle.

If you need a reference, let me know - You're obviously not the type of spammer that they are meant to be targeting.

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