RE: Goal for 2023: Get "What is Hive" Ranked On Google

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5 months ago - 1 minutes read

From this perspective, we can see how we can accumulate tens of thousands of backlinks to this page. That is good since it is going to require that for us to get noticed.

When we talk about 'backlinks' in SEO, it means someone on a different domain, linking back to your domain.

The better the domain you receive the backlink from, the more likely it will move you up in search rankings.

So when people talk about link building in SEO, they're talking about getting links from other domains that link back to them.

Get a single link on an article from Bloomberg talking about Web3 and it will be VERYYYY valuable.

Get 10,000 links on duplicated Publish0x blogs, all mixed in with other links to random pages nothing to do with Hive and it will be VERYYYYY detrimental.

Backlinks are different to what you're building here on leofinance.io.

You're linking to articles on the same domain and therefore building a network of what's called 'internal links'.

Think about internal links as a way to help the Google crawler index your content.

But once indexed, they aren't really going to move you up the rankings.

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