RE: Goal for 2023: Get "What is Hive" Ranked On Google

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5 months ago - 1 minutes read

'what is hive' is super tough because it's such a broad term.

Add the fact we are already competing with HIVE Blockchain Technologies Ltd who have a billion links coming from Bloomberg et al and we can pretty much give up on that one.

Put your energy into ranking higher for lower volume, long tail keywords.

Hive related keywords

Also, just remember that Google doesn't differentiate between our different Hive accounts publishing.

All Google sees and cares about is a leofinance.io page.

And they only want to rank 1 page for each term.

At the moment we have this Hive guide which ranks on page 1 for what is hive crypto and somewhere on page 5 for what is hive blockchain.

So my other piece of advice would be to not cannibalise our existing rankings and instead focus on filling voids where we (leofinance.io) have no content ranked.

PS. Also tell Khal to fix SimpleAnalytics so us plebs without access to his Google account can see some referral stats.

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