Web3 social media shows a Twitter edit button is redundant

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Functionality of Web3 social dApps built on Hive, shows Twitter to be the dated, untrustworthy tech that it is.

When I see the corporate pushback to granting users the ability to edit their Tweets sometime in the future, I can’t help but laugh.

Why is everyone making it out to be such a big deal when the tech behind it all makes the argument completely mute?

The fact of the matter remains that due to its centralised Web2 properties, Twitter Inc not only owns the account that you’re tweeting from, but they own the entire network itself.

That’s right, they reserve the right to amplify, censor or delete whatever message they see as right or wrong.

For whatever reason they think aligns with society’s mood of the day.

So I ask the question…

What is the big deal about letting their pleb users edit old tweets?

It just seems to me that people are getting worked up over something that the entire Web2 design of Twitter makes completely redundant.

Twitter Inc will tell you that they represent moments in history.

A snapshot in time that should never be changed.

Oh, unless Twitter itself deems something no longer socially acceptable.

By allowing you to edit Tweets, absolutely nothing changes.

Twitter Inc will always be in control of the ENTIRE platform and every account running on top of it.

Whether you’ve edited or not, that message can be changed or removed by a third party at any time.

So arguing that users editing old tweets will somehow ruin the sanctity of the platform is therefore not only makes no sense, it’s actually laughable.

Web3 and Hive fixes this

As an industry leader in the Web3 social media industry, Hive is different.

You see, Web3 blogging and social platforms built on top of Hive actually already allow users to edit their content

Because as one of the only truly decentralised blockchains on the planet that can boast no controlling pre-mine stake and extremely diverse token distribution, what could happen on Twitter could NEVER happen on Hive.

Twitter can change your message because they own the network and all of the accounts running on top of it.

But thanks to the immutable properties of the underlying Hive blockchain, all prior versions of every piece of content is forever saved and retrievable.

The power of Web3 is really shown when you see front-ends choosing to display edited content differently.

LeoFinance only shows the latest version with a timestamped edited message at the top allowing users to delve into the blockchain to find what was changed at their will.

But the Ecency front-end allows readers to click a drop down and browse the entire edit history side by side.

Extremely powerful when you take into account that by using a censorship-resistant, Web3 Hive account that you own the keys to, you and only you can edit or remove content from your own account.

There are no silly buggers being played by the network like you always run the risk of on Twitter.

As I like to say, there is a difference between choosing to be censorship-resistant (like Gettr) and being technically censorship-resistant like Hive.

Hive, home of the best Web3 blogging and social platforms, literally fixes this.

So why not take the next step when it comes to the evolution of social media and open your own Web3 Hive account?

LeoFinance makes it super simple to create an account that also acts as a crypto wallet by offering you the ability to use your Web2 Twitter account to sign up.

Simply head to leofinance.io, click the get started button at the top and create your account using your Twitter login.

When you’re ready, you can claim your keys and take full control of your account.

Best of probabilities to you.

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