What's NOT a Web3 social media platform? Gettr

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Direct from the desk of Dane Williams.

Gettr doesn’t, but a Web3 Hive account gives you access to an entire ecosystem of truly decentralised social media dApps.

After seeing Joe Rogan’s latest YouTube video receive the ban hammer from YouTube this week, Web3 social media platforms have moved into the spotlight.

So what exactly is a Web3 social media platform?

Well, Web3 social media platforms shift account and platform ownership from centralised companies to you.

The one actually using them.

They offer immutable, censorship-resistant accounts that you own, with multiple access points.

But you know what isn’t a Web3 social media platform?

The one that Joe is Tweeting about joining because he’s frustrated with being censored by YouTube, Twitter and the like.

Lol, that’s right - Gettr.

Once again, I do not give a fuck about the political affiliations with whatever this platform is trying to align itself to.

The problem isn’t with what’s being censored, but simply that a corporate entity has the ability to censor you at all.

With your account information stored on Gettr’s servers and accessible only via Gettr’s single US-hosted domain, the platform literally is Twitter.

Oh the ironing.

Gettr PROMISES they won’t censor you.

So long as you don’t start spruiking that leftie bullshit of course (loll)

But yep, as a centralised Web2 platform exactly the same as Twitter, they have the ability to hit delete on your (read: their) account and just like that, everything is gone.

If a company has the ability to screw you over for gain, or in this case likely self-preservation via the lawsuits they’re no doubt going to cop, then they will.

This is the risk of the centralised Web2 social media world.

Remaining solely on Web2 is a risk to your business

Obviously Joe Rogan doesn’t really care about censorship because…

Well, because he’s Joe fucking Rogan!

Centralised platforms like Spotify are paying him $100 million to say the things that YouTube are deleting.

But you and your business are not Joe Rogan.

So why are you risking your entire business on the whim of a centralised platform that at the stroke of a single key, can instantly take everything from you?

They can take away all of your data.

They can take away your entire following.

And along with both of these, they can take away the ability for your to make money from them.

Everything is hosted on the company’s servers that they can delete, edit and sell at their discretion.

You actually own nothing.

As a business owner, why are you leaving yourself open to this level of risk?

Access the best Web3 social media platforms with your Hive account

With that in mind, why not make 2022 the year that you shift your focus to Web3?

Right now, the premier Web3 social media platforms are found on the decentralised Hive Blockchain.

Home to a thriving ecosystem of social media dApps, you’re able to use your single Web3 Hive account that you own, to connect to them all.

All while earning HIVE crypto, as well as numerous layer-2, community focused tokens on your content!

Remember, on Web3 you not only own your account, but a stake in the entire network.

So are you ready to shift your business to Web3 social media by getting your immutable, censorship-resistant Web3 Hive account today?

If you are, the easiest way to do that is to use your current Web2 social media account to onboard into Hive’s Web3 ecosystem.

Simply head to leofinance.io, click the get started button at the top and create your account using your Twitter login.

Once you shift your mindset to the fact you now own your account with your data and following, you will start thinking of Twitter and Facebook as nothing more than front-ends.

If they ban you, you simply connect your Web3 Hive account to a new front-end and continue on your merry way.

Has the penny dropped yet?

Best of probabilities to you.

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