Hive is funding peaceful Freedom Convoy border actions in British Columbia, Canada!

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For a detailed understanding of this protest, please review the shared posts on our profile @FreedonConvoy. After our first post 48 hours ago, where we asked for donations to be used toward future actions, we have amassed:

  • 360 HIVE donated
  • several reposts
  • a 10000 HIVE delegation
  • at least 20 HIVE (paying out in 5 days)

Thank you very much! That works out to more than $500 CAD already, enough to gas up and decorate a fleet of pickup trucks, something like this:

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That $500 would also be enough to fund a couple larger trucks, something like this:

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So our donations can already make a difference, not to mention the generous delegation - thank you!

Yes, Trudeau is actually trying to come after anyone funding Freedom Convoy, even via cryptocurrencies. And he's threatening to debank anyone who donates. Myself, I'm already unbanked, but that might be a bigger problem for some people. Besides, they can now also go after you in other ways, if they think you're involved. Pretty crazy and unprecedented stuff. Here is a great recent press conference with Freedom Convoy organizer Tamara Lich and former Newfoundland premier (and last living creator of the Canadian Charter) Brian Peckford, talking about the Emergency Act and Trudeau coming after the funds.

As stated in the opening post, we have options. These donations could go to the main group in Ottawa (which is already well funded via Bitcoin donations at the moment), or it can go to one of the other protests taking place all along the Canada/USA border. The person who started this account (@DRutter) is located in BC, and knows some of the organizers of the Okanagan "slow-roll" Freedom Convoy. If you didn't skim through this clip of their last event, on Saturday, have a look:

I just got official confirmation, they're doing it again this Saturday... and more!

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This is looking more and more like the best outlet for the donations. It's an extremely worthy action, which supports the original ongoing protest in Ottawa, and puts additional pressure on Trudeau's government to end mandates.

It's also a completely peaceful (and lawful) protest, protected by our Charter rights, and not in violation of the Emergency Act. There is no intention to disrupt anything (although if enough people peacefully protest there, it's impossible to know what would happen). What the funds would mostly be spent on is fuel, with smaller portions going to food, signage, flags, and other costs.

Not mentioned on the above flyer: A local farmer is donating his ranchland to the protesters who want to stay in Osoyoos, near the border, to continue the protest into Sunday and beyond. People are going to bring RVs and campers. Again, completely legal, completely peaceful. But this allows the possibility of a permanent presence here on the Canada/US border.

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By convoying in large numbers to/around the area, we will be seen, and we will have an effect. It will send a message, but in a way that is not possible to crack down on, even under martial law. We are simply decorated legal vehicles, driving legally. Honnnk hooonnnnkkkkk!

If we don't exercise our rights, and make our protests known, we are already lost. The ripples from our actions here are being felt around the world, and sparking struggles for freedom in dozens of countries. The stakes are high. Our enemy is planting weapons to smear us as violent terrorists, sabotaging equipment, fabricating racist flags. Now they are debanking people just based on suspicion they are involved with Freedom Convoy? An unprecedented level of financial tyranny.

We will defeat these monsters, but not at their own game. We win by uniting in love and peace. The truckers and their supporters have started it!

  1. Upvote this post - all payouts will be liquidated and added to the donations received.
  2. Share this post - reHive, link some friends/family, share on social media, make your own promotional posts linking here, etc.
  3. Send donations of HIVE - they will be kept liquid and ready for spending.
  1. Remain peaceful. This is another level of provocation. If you can stay cool, you will have a better chance. Peaceful mass non-compliance and civil disobedience can topple tyrants.
  2. Disarm Trudeau! Appeal to members of the military, including senior command, to side with the people, and refuse to carry out orders that violate our rights. Demand they obey their oath to serve and protect the people of Canada, not the Liberal government.
  3. Stay involved! Get out to events, join underground meetups, strengthen your network, donate your time and resources, spread awareness, etc.

The payout from this post (and the previous one) will be available in time for the following Saturday's big slow-roll convoy down to the border. We will speak with our contacts about finding the best use for these funds. Hopefully we can sponsor some vehicles and people who otherwise wouldn't be able to attend, to really grow their numbers! Participants are giving each other good deals on custom paint jobs, signage, flags, and more. These tokens will go a long way!

Sounds like they want more good people to head to Ottawa ASAP. My wife is hours or days away from giving birth to our second baby, so we aren't going anywhere for a while! All I'm able to do is help gather donations, and get them to convoy organizers. Every day matters right now, so I'm looking to get this done by next Saturday (Feb 26th). Please have your donations in as soon as you can, because soon after this post pays out, we're launching!

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