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Hive has a lot of different communities and tribes. A lot of them have their own interface and their own tokens. Some of them are general and others are restricted to specific subjects. If you want your content to be displayed in these specific communities you can make use of tags. When you add the community tag to your post it will be shown in the specific community. By doing this you will not only have more views on your posts, you will also earn some of the communities tokens.


You can see all the tokens you’ve earned in the Hive Engine: https://hive-engine.com/ It’s good to know that you can earn extra tokens (often 10%) when you use the tribe's interface. By staking the tokens you can also earn extra rewards for curating. Since you have the possibility to add up to 10 tags to your post it’s good to know which ones you can use under what conditions.

I mentioned before that some communities discuss specific subjects. That’s why you shouldn’t just add any tag to your posts. Misuse of tribe tokens can result in downvotes and negative publicity.
But there are also tags that can be used for any kind of content.

Tags without any restrictions

The following tags can be added to posts of any content (except violence and NFSW related posts).



Issuer: @upfundme

Website URL: https://www.archonapp.net

Description: Archon Tribe Token: 100k to start. 1 ARCHON will be added to reward pool every 150 blocks for PoB. Miners split 100k ARCHON per year. Staked ARCHON is a source of GP in Archon Governance.

My description: Archon is a tribe on Hive with their own interface: https://www.archonapp.net They support certain contests like Shadow Hunters and the Feathered Friends community. Owning staked ARCHON will give you a vote in decisions about how the tribe develops. Staking ARCHON gives you ARCHON drips. You can use it on all your posts.





Issuer: @neoxiantoken

Website URL: https://www.neoxian.city

Description: This is the community for my virtual city and Tribe of Neoxian. We are a general purpose community and tribe and hope to be a forum for fine quality posts. No spam, plagiarism or scams. Not safe for work posts must be tagged correctly

My description: Neoxian Silver is the token for Neoxian City; another tribe on Hive. This tribe also has it’s own interface: https://www.neoxian.city The tag can be used for any kind of post.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @aeneas.fund

Website URL: https://www.aeneas.blog

Description: Aeneas is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system, called ASH.

My description: AENEAS is the tag that is being used in the Ukrainian community. They have their own interface from which you can post; https://www.aeneas.blog You are free to use the AENEAS tag for any kind of posts.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @proofofbrainio

Website URL: https://proofofbrain.io

Description: POB is a pure 100% Proof of Brain (PoB) token meaning that the only way the token enters circulation is through PoB rewards that are earned by posting and by curating content with POB staked. 1 token has been issued to @proofofbrainio to enable staking. There will be no more POB tokens issued except through PoB rewards. Like Bitcoin mining, rewards decrease by 50% every 4 years. There are no proof of mining or proof of stake rewards. There will be no tokens issued to a founder or a team. There is a 10% beneficiary percentage when posting on proofofbrain.io. Funds from the beneficiary rewards will be used to maintain proofofbrain.io.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @minnowsupport

Website URL: https://palnet.io

Description: The primary token of the Peace, Abundance, and Liberty Community. Discord available at minnowpond.org The Minnow Support Project to help promote undervalue post on the blockchain and reward the good job done by minnows has a team of curators that do manual curation every day of the week on different categories

My description: Palnet supports minnows on the Hive blockchain.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @lasseehlers

Website URL: http://www.lassecash.com

Description: LASSECASH social media with rewards. Rewarding truth content, social interactions and personal posts.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @bilpcoin

Website URL: https://www.bilpcoin.com/

Description: Bilpcoin is a social media platform where everyone gets paid for creating and curating content. It leverages a robust digital points system, called Bilpcoin bpc tokens

Price: image.png



Issuer: @hivehustlers

Website URL: https://peakd.com/@HiveHustlers

Description: The official token of the Hive Hustlers community on the Hive blockchain. $HUSTLER enables the user to use their tokens to earn discounts on transaction fees and product prices on various eCommerce sites, such as HiveSwag.io and HiveBay.io marketplace (coming soon). Website currently under construction - we are working on launching our front-end soon!

Price: image.png

Tags with restrictions

The following tags can only be used for certain content.



Issuer: @khaleelkazi

Website URL: https://leofinance.io

Description: The largest tokenized community for crypto & finance content creators. Running several projects on the Hive blockchain: leofinance.io, hivestats.io, leopedia.io, https://dex.leofinance.io, and a Hive Witness Node -- @leofinance

My description: The Leofinance tag can be used for all financial and crypto related posts. Posting via the leofinance.io interface will earn you 10% extra.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @sportsrewards

Website URL: https://www.sportstalksocial.com

Description: The SPORTS token fuels the SportsTalkSocial community by empowering stakeholders to reward quality sports content with future token distribution. SportsTalkSocial is a social platform where everyone can be rewarded for creating and curating sports focused content. Start earning SPORTS today by talking about your favorite sports on SportsTalkSocial.com!

Price: image.png



Issuer: @stemgeeks

Website URL: https://stemgeeks.net/

Description: STEMGeeks is a social media community built on the Hive blockchain.

My description: STEM stands for Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. You can use the tag for posts that have anything to do with with one of these subjects.

Price: image.png

Creative Coin (CCC)


Issuer: @creativecoin

Website URL: https://www.creativecoin.xyz

Description: The Official Token For #creativecoin

My description: The CCC tag can be used for every post that has to do with creativity like crafts, art, photography but also cooking etc.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @diyhub

Website URL: https://peakd.com/@diyhub

Description: We tokenize the DIY scene on HIVE! Delegators receive DIY related to their part of the total delegation, curators receive 15 DIY per curation and creators have the chance to win tokens in our recurring contests and giveaways! Feel free to message us if you have any question or potential collaboration!

My description: The Do It Yourself token is somewhat the same as the CCC creativecoin token. It can be used for things you created yourself like art, but also clothing etc.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @battlegames

Website URL: https://battlegamesnfts.com

Description: Blockchain gaming & NFT advocates. Tag #battle on great gaming content to earn BATTLE tokens.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @jongolson

Website: https://www.CTPtalk.com

Description: The token for the CTP community at CTPtalk.com - A tribe of affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs.

My description: Although this tag is for affiliate marketers, online businesses and entrepreneurs I see it being used for more than that.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @achimmertens

Website URL: https://chary.org

Description; This is the charity token. Use it to support charity helpers / people that do good things to others. It is the follower of the NOBEL token from Steem-Engine.

Price: image.png



Issuer: @foodiesunite

Website URL: foodiesunite.net

Description: Food, Friends and Passion - Foodies of Hive - Join us on the Bee Hive - Unite!

Price: image.png



Issuer: @spanish-tribe

Website URL: www.spanish-tribe.com

My description: Spanish Community Coin. For Spanish content.

Price: image.png


You can earn some extra coins tokens by using the right tags for your posts. You have up to 10 tags you can add to your post, so why not use them? But do be careful with adding tokens that have restrictions on content.

This list I created is not complete. There are probably a lot more tags and tokens that can be used, but I think these are the ones that are used most frequently. If you have any additions or comments please let me know.

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