Five Times Hive Has Proven To Be More Than Just A crypto Blogging Platform

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9 months ago - 2 minutes read

You know what they say, "when you love someone or something never hesitate to show or say it" so my today post is going to be about five things I love about #hive.

The Community

The very first thing that made me stick with hive from my day one is the varieties of communities it has, no matter your interest, hobby, or area of experts there is a place for everyone.

Are you into finance, #leo is here for you, we have the photography community for your lovely shots, the weekend experience community is ever ready to welcome your weekends related contents. These are just some few out of so many.


The Dapps

At first, I find it a bit hard to find my way around the blockchain but it doesn't take me time to find such amazing frontends like peakd, and #ecency that makes everything I do on the hive so easy and interesting. Their continuous improvement and updating of these front ends made the hive such an incredible place to be.

The amazing people

I still believe that the people of the hive are her beauty with the lovely, creative, and ever-friendly people here, which made it a worthwhile platform, this is why even when someone leaves this place they are likely to come back. there is love and friendship everywhere you look. Another reason I love it here.

The Rewards System

Hive has successfully continued to provide a great value of stream income for its users, from blogging to sharing hive content on Twitter, thanks to @poshtoken to simply commenting, gaming such as @splinterlands, @risingstargame, @psyber-x, and others is another big area where you can earn as much as you want. Talk of voting which gives curation rewards, hive delegation, and interest from #hbd savings #polycub, #cub, and many more. Everything we do ends in earning some box no matter how little or big. I can't think of any platform out there that can offer the kind of opportunity hive is offering. The Opportunities here are endless, you just have to show up and be ready to add value to the platform in your unique way of course, and watch as the magic happens.

Hive Gave Everyone Equal Chance

I think one of the most beautiful things about hive is the giving of equal rights to its users, you don't have to come with a deep pocket, or be an expert of some sort you just have to be ready to learn how it works and the rest is history.

These are five times I think hive has proven to be more than just a crypto blogging platform and for this I'm committed to #hive as long as time is on my side. Dear hive I can not love you less ❤🥰

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