Treat Hive Like A Social Media Network Instead Of A Money Making Website

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7 months ago - 3 minutes read

How Are You Treating Hive?

I was talking with a friend on hive a few days ago, and he was telling me how he is not very happy with his hive rewards and growth.

Here is what I told him and anyone in his position feeling the same way

I asked him how many times he makes posts in a week? and he told me between three to four posts. I asked again what did he use to do afterward? and he said he just left and wait for the upvotes to come in.

I asked for the last time, what he does whenever he is not working or less busy.

His answer was, he used to spend his less busy period on Facebook interacting with friends and family members. Then below was what I told him.

To have significant growth on hive why not treat hive-like a social media network instead of just a money-making website?

Come to the hive, join communities that interest you, like their content, follow the ones you like, support their work with upvotes, and then post topics that interest you, make as many friends as possible in those communities. Of course, people that you share similar interests with. Sit back and see what happens.

I told him, that hive is way more than a money-making website but a web3 blockchain Social media network. You can see my emphasis on the word Social it means you have to interact with other likes' minds in other to get noticed and possibly get support.

this is the major reason why most newbies got tired and give up their hive journey before they even get started.

Every penny of funds in my hive and every support I have been getting so far are from my posting and socializing on the hive.

Going around and making meaningful comments on other authors' content that are of interest to you is like sowing a seed and harvesting time is sure to come.

Your harvest now depends on how much effort you put into sowing those seeds each day.

My major goal on the hive is to be able to look back in the next five years and have a huge number of people following my account and having an interest in my content.

As see and treat people I met on hive like my friends, this is the only platform online I can make meaningful friends with that we share connections in some special ways. I left Facebook over five years ago and stopped visiting my Instagram three years back when I begins to invest and waste heavily on data without any tangible gain to show for it.

As for my Twitter, it has become an avenue only for me to promote the hive and my hive content on it.

I see hive with a great future and when that time comes, I want to have a stake in the process, I want to have people here I can call my friends because we have come a long way and I know their story.

I see this platform as a place I can share my experience, get to know others, have fun and build for the future.

How about you, how are you treating hive?

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That is it for today friends, thank you for supporting my hive journey till some other time enjoy your weekend☺🥰 and remember Engagement is the soul of hive