Do you play Splinterforge?

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4 months ago - 1 minutes read

I have a curiosity. As we know, Splinterlands is the most popular application on Hive.

Based on Splinterlands cards and using them in their own third-party game, less than a month old is Splinterforge.

Think of it as another use case for the Splinterlands cards.

And here comes my simple curiosity, since Splinterforge may have its own page on the SplinterGlossary.

Do you play Splinterforge?


If you do, do you focus on playing the best possible Splinterlands cards, on growing your hero or on both?

The followup question came because I've seen all three strategies used by different players, by watching recent battles.

Personally I've taken the both route, but on the hero side it takes longer to grow it because I only use rewards to do it. Plus, it takes time for Electrum to accumulate because I don't burn cards to get more. Or not yet.

I barely had enough Electrum to add another socket to an epic equipment right now. But that's pretty good. One thing at a time...

That's it from my part and from my new laptop today. Still getting adjusted. It took 10 minutes to find an acceptable way to crop a screenshot in Linux Mint and do it. Landed in Drawing first, which is similar to Paint, but simply doesn't work.

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