Great News For Our Hive Goals! * Progress Report Week 14, 2022

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Wow, it only took one day for the consensus of witnesses to agree upon 20% APR on HBD in savings! We now officially have an APR of 20% for our HBD in savings. Just look at PeakD, if you don't believe me:


For anyone having either HBD or HIVE or both on their list of Hive goals this year, this is great news. This is of course thinking small, because I believe it will have a great impact on the visibility and attractiveness of Hive as an ecosystem.

But to keep it on the topic of my Sunday post about Hive goals this should be great for both HBD and HIVE goals.

Regarding the HBD goal, it's obvious. An increase of the interest from 12% to 20% only helps us grow our HBD in savings quicker.

For the HIVE goal, the plans can be a little more complicated.

If there will be some selling pressure on HIVE to get HBD, then there's a buying opportunity for HIVE. I wouldn't expect it, since most high amounts of HBD will be created via conversions, and so bypass the market entirely.

What I do expect though is that some HIVE Power will be powered down to go into HBD for the yield. That's a good thing for the remaining HP holders, as their influence on the platform grows, including on curation.

If curation rewards rise, then this helps with the HIVE Power goals.

I believe this 20% APR will create a very interesting dynamic inside the Hive ecosystem itself, without even counting the outside funds that will be attracted by the high, low-risk APR.

That being said, looks like my confidence in achieving my HIVE and HBD goals this year received an unexpected boost with this change.

So, while I'm about 5% behind on both goals at the time of writing - which is a lot - I'm now looking with confidence to see what the rest of the year will bring us.


One more thing to be happy about, if you are a HBD supporter. Now there is the first swap service between SWAP.HBD and HBD.

Until today, if you had SWAP.HBD and you wanted it swapped to HBD, the only way to do it was by withdrawing it from TribalDex, at a 1% fee. The option is still the only one for large amounts of SWAP.HBD.

But for small amounts of swapping between HBD and SWAP.HBD regularly, THE CARTEL now has a swapping service @cartel.swap, working for both HIVE and HBD and their HE tokens, at a smaller fee. The fee is dynamic, based on the amount of CARTEL tokens you hold.


Even if you hold no CARTEL tokens, the fee for swapping HBD is half of the one on Hive-Engine/TribalDex. And a quarter for HIVE, but in this case there are other alternatives to swap HIVE to/from SWAP.HIVE.

In both cases, the fee goes all the way to zero for holding 100 CARTEL.

While the service is in beta, there is a restriction to 50 tokens swapped in either direction every 24 hours. This limit will increase once they get out of beta.

The way to use the service is to send the token to @cartel.swap and you will receive, shortly, the swapped token in return, after the fee is deducted. It works fast. I tested it before doing this post.

Anyway, glad to see HBD treated more seriously. For now in our own ecosystem.

In the end, let's see how I'm doing with my social goals.

Started the week with 7069 comments and 7274 replies.

And now I am at 7194 comments and 7417 replies. Obviously they are both above my targets of 81 comments and 76 replies weekly to reach 10k of each by the year's end, which is good!

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