Splinterlands: Is Full Energy Refills on a Daily Basis an Option?

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2 months ago - 2 minutes read

I know this is barely a two-day-old update, but couldn't help but wonder if you consider using full energy refills regularly on ranked battles in Splinterlands.


I don't know what the cost-reward ratio is in lower leagues, but I checked the level of my rewards recently in ranked battles and if it would make sense to pay for a daily refill in diamond or champion, with the kind of rewards I was making.

Now, besides the rewards from yesterday, all other results are from the time when ECR was still around, so this isn't accurate. For something more accurate we need more data with the current system.

But still, a rough idea can be made. As I was checking, I realized the only liquid reward we receive - every once in a while - is chests. SPS rewards are staked immediately after claiming so that SPS cannot be sold to cover the energy refill price unless you are in a continuous unstaking process.

If one has staked SPS or tokens in Splinterlands pools, then liquid SPS is claimed too. And of course with stake SPS (or by holding licenses), vouchers are received too. And, if you have cards on the market, then you have a DEC rental income. So, there are sources of liquid tokens to use to buy the refills, if that is profitable.

The question is... Is it profitable?

And here's where people might come up with different answers, depending on their goals.

My first thought was that people who fight for the leaderboard might do that, but after looking at the leaderboards, I noticed very few have played a lot of games this season. So maybe that's not for them.

Then, if someone values the soulbound rewards cards highly and believes they will have a nice value on the market, he or she might be tempted to refill every day to max the reward cards as quickly as possible, even if through the transferable daily rewards, and if we disregard the potential jackpots, it wouldn't be profitable.

Personally, I'll be in the category that will use refills only occasionally and probably partially, unless it becomes clear it is more profitable to refill every day, which I don't think it will, because then prices will be adjusted.

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