Million pounds of cannabis destroyed. $2.3 million in asset forfeiture.

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Ganja Farmer
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If you don't pay the tax they come to steal everything you have.

Well this is the numbers for Southern Oregon and they are looking pretty dismal.

And this is really a drop in the bucket. And also the tip of the iceberg. 14 lb of methamphetamine was also found because you all have to feed the tweakers that you are scamming out of a paycheck and keep them occupied so they don't notice they are getting $2 an hour placed into their meth pipe.

The destruction that these individuals cause to the land for gorilla growing is quite a bit less than the huge amount of ecological damage that has happened from the massive homeless problem in Portland Oregon.

Personally I am seeing 1 billion in that pile.

Quick calculations at $1,000 a pound 1 million pounds equals 1 billion.

$1 billion.

Basically all that land is dirt cheap.

I'm going to say they got less than 10%. Only 60 search warrant served and most times these individuals were back in operation within a month.

Well it's some pretty crazy things. One small county has lost that massive amount of revenue which really would have helped everyone in that town instead of being totally destroyed.

Notice how there isn't any support for these individuals to become legal or be included in legal sales.

Basically that's a massive amount of time and effort basically thrown away.

Such a shame but this is what happens when the drug war still is raging.

I noticed that it is way easier for them to attack Farmers than it is for them to deal with the cartel bringing in the massive amounts of drugs across our borders.

Again pretty crazy...