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I kept seeing articles about RisingStar Game, until I finally decided to give it a try. I have been at it for a few months now and my progress has been erratic. Mostly I just do a couple of missions on the days I remember to and sometimes I simply forget about it.

I have not even really gotten to know what the game is about, but I have bought a few card packs and I guess I have made some progress as, like you can see, I am right now at level 43, still a newbie but with some experience now. I guess I have to look more into the game and learn how to really advance, it is funny me playing this gane as I have never been much into music, oh I do like a lot of songs but the musical ambient is not for me.

Well, for this game I plan to invest every single Starbit I make into buying cards and my goal is to reach level 100 this year. I think I can do that, even though I don't know what benefit playing this particular game can give me, but as I have told you, time is, fortunately one of the things I am not short of for now.

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