Aristotle and Cryptos

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Hello guys! This is a humble try, to mix philosophy with cryptos and memes! Hope you to enjoy it!

To be οn Hive means that you definitely are relative with cryptos and you have also certainly experienced moments of enjoyment and disappointments from them. Momments of fear and momments of greed.

Either you have some earnings from them (specially if you are risky and you have jumped on a shitcoin's wave early) or you have forgotten when was the last green day on your portfolio.

Benevolently ( or not 😁), you have proposed, to your friends and relatives to buy some cryptos, even a small amount, and their answer are different, from "Absolutely not, its a ponzi" and "Maybe later, now is too expensive", till " I have already, look this coin has a pumping 150% in last three days"

Have you noticed who is more receptive and who is not? Are all the previous ones based on luck?? What is this element that make in people the ratio of fear and greed to be formed in one way or another? What is this that make people willing to buy or not cryptos? Are you braver than others ?

Aristotle, the greek philosopher has given us the answers even 23 centuries ago. Aristotle is one of the most influential thinkers in our history. He is famous for his practical and feasible approach to theories and teachings. In part three of his book Rhetoric,on chapter 1388b31–1390b13, he analyse the different way of thinking between a young, a mature and an old person!

Lets have a look together and comment on some parts of it, according to our crypto experience.

About the young

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Lets be honest, a large proportion are young people from 20 to 30. Can their purchasing power is not large but it is certainly the largest age group. What would Aristotle say about them

Young people do not have bad moods. They are probably good because they have not yet seen many examples of corrupt people.

They are gullible because they have not yet been deceived often.

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Aristotle is like referring to the Squidgame coin or the LUNA, and to those who experienced a rug pull. Unfortunately aboy LUNA, no one could have guessed that Do Kwon would be such shit. Neither experienced investors.

They are full of hope and this is because nature has endowed them with a kind of warmth, like that felt by those who have drunk a lot of wine. But this quality is also due to the fact that they have not yet experienced many failures.

They live mainly with hope, because hope is about the future, while memory is about the past.

Do you remember your feelings, when you for first time bought cryptos? Iwas felt like immortal and guess what did i buy ? Dogecoin HAHA!

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And they are full of rage and hope, they are brave because one quality helps them not to be afraid, while the other gives them courage. True, no one is afraid when they are angry, while the hope of success makes us courageous.

It reminds me when have a 80-90% fall and I try to predict the bottom of the dip. But the dip is endless and me end up cashless.

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They prefer to do what seems good to them rather than what is good for them, because their actions are dictated more by the heart than by cold calculation, and while he counts the interest, virtue counts the good.

...and who did not believe PlanB last October that the bull run would continue to eternity and almost everyone continue to buy at ATH. Unfortunately for us, there were voices saying about the recurring pattern that follows the mining of BTC and that the same thing will happen again but ... " "9xzfqp557c281.jpg"" Source

They've believe that they know everything and are involved in everything and that is why they are exaggerating.

I love listening to exaggerated investment advice from a sixteen year old youtuber, from the other side of the world. Also I love to follow them and I spread them with my turn. And guess what, nothing they predict is confirmed

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About old

Definitely the most difficult and demanding investors, small to zero presence in cryptos. Most times in advance negatively predisposed to cryptos. But why?

...because they have lived many years, because they have been deceived many times, because they themselves have made many mistakes and because most acts of people are poor, they are not sure about anything, not only do excesses despite always act less than what must

They always say that they think, not that they know well ...

They are cowards and everything scares them, because they are in a state of mind completely opposite to that of young people. Of course for him, this is not the only elements. Passions, qualities,good or bad luck form a different way of thinking.

I don't know if there is a more significant figures than that of Peter Sniff that best confirms Aristotle

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About mature

Those who are in the prime of their age, is obvious that they have character median, between the young and senile and that avoid the excesses and the one and the other.

Consequently it is not too bold (because it ends up audacity), nor again extremely timid, despite holding the right attitude between the two.

Certainly not trust the first man they meet, but they are not distrustful of everyone, despite forming a separate judgment for each person - and this crisis is closer to the truth.

Their life is not determined only by profit, or again only by beautiful (pleasant), but by the combination of the two

They are neither greedy nor prodigal. They hold the right measure. The same goes for their anger and desires.

They are cognitive, without being cowards and brave without being abandoned by wisdom

According to Aristotle, the body flourishes between thirty and thirty-five years and the spirit around forty-nine. It is no coincidence that Bukele, one of the newest political leaders, is the one who adopted the BTC as the official currency in El Salvador is 40years old, Elon Musk 49, CZ(Binance) 44 or Charles Hoskinson 34.

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