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Hey Music Lovers! I’m back again with another post today about the game Rising Star. It’s a fun game that is very easy to do and also very addictive. I already got hooked on to it and got quite far ahead in this game.

You can check out my other posts where I have discussed the earlier missions. I hope you find them detailed enough to know what you need to do. Here are my other posts of the game: feel free to go through them and leave a comment down below.

Today I’ll share with you how many missions I have done so far and the achievements. This will give you an idea of how far I have headed.

So today I'll talk about Ego in the Missions. From Busking With License onwards. you'll see that right by the XP, there's Ego. So, what is this Ego? It's just like its name. Hypothetically, for your better understanding, Ego is when you get famous, more fans will be cheering for you and you'll start being a bit haughty. What I am trying to make you understand here is that Ego is bad for your profile in the game. It earns you fewer Starbits in every mission.

You'll start seeing Ego in your Missions as soon as you hit 1000 Fans or reached Level 15. You'll see an Ego meter which you'll have to balance with earning Skills. You can earn skill points from your music lessons and cards.

So moving on to the next segment. Today I'll do just one mission that is Saturday Support.

Saturday Support

Saturday Support is a higher-level mission. So before we begin, open your browser, log in to your game with hive keychain and click Start Mission

As you can see, Saturday Support needs about 200 fans and 90% energy. It takes 2 hours that is 120 minutes to complete the task which earns you 225 to 834 Starbits and XP126. It also earns you 3 Ego points. As you can see, the higher the mission, the longer it takes to complete and earns you more Starbits. All you got to do now is click on the start button and let the game operate by itself.

Thank you so much, everyone. I hope my posts give you a better understanding of this game. I'll keep on posting regularly about the game and you can see how I'm doing here so far.

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