GM:FRENS | Final GM:Miner v0.1 NFT Sale is Live!

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GM:FRENS is a cross-blockchain social experiment that I have been wanting to do for some time. You mine GM tokens by using the #gmfrens tag on Threads, once per day. The whole idea behind the project is to encourage users to use Threads, and interact with one another on a daily basis. Hive is a very active community, and the LeoFinance community is always popping off. My goal with this project is to get every single Hive user to use Threads at least once per day. Outside of that - it's to grow the Threads side of LeoFinance exponentially.

Last week, we released the genesis NFT set for GM:FRENS, which is the GM:Miner v0.1 NFT. These NFTs are pretty rare considering there's only 420 that will ever exist. The cool thing about them is that you can stake them in the NFT staking pool to mine GM tokens every hour! The pool started with 69,696 GM and is live until March of 2023. This is a great opportunity to stack up on that precious GM because there's a lot of fun stuff coming that might require you to have some GM to participate.

All funds raised from the first round of the sale were added into the GM/WAX liquidity pool on Alcor Exchange, so now you can trade it! Ultimately, there has to be liquidity if anyone wants to convert their GM to WAX or whatever else so crowd funding the liquidity with the NFT sale was a great idea in my opinion.


The price of GM has sustained itself quite well considering I figured a lot of people would be eager to dump it. Thanks for not doing that lol. I don't necessarily care about the price of the token, but the people spending their WAX or HBD on a Miner NFT probably do! The price is up 10% since launch so you know... Do what you do. NOT FINANCIAL ADVICE. The liquidity pool is slowly growing! Make sure to add your GM/WAX to the pool to earn some trading fee. More on this later.


Aside from the GM token market, there have been an increasing amount of users on Threads using the #gmfrens tag, so our user base is growing. People are starting to notice that the number 1 trending tag hasn't changed and the number of tags is soaring. This also means that the amount of work that I have to personally do to make sure that tokens are distributed correctly is much greater. I created this project with a concept, and have turned it into something people are at the very minimum interacting with on a daily basis.

There's about 100 active users on Threads, and 73 people have mined GM using the tag at least once. This is a great number considering 4 days ago, there were around 60 people that had used the tag at least once. Nearly every day, I see someone new asking what GM:FRENS is and how to get involved. The experiment is working. Be patient my weird frens, it's only going to get more and more weird as we build this thing out.


GM:Miner v0.1 NFT sale info

The final sale of these specific Miner NFTs started today at 4:20 PM CST and there are only 251 of them remaining after the sale of the first 169. There are no limited on how many of the NFTs you can purchase, and you have a couple different payment options. All funds raised from this second round sale will go straight into the liquidity pool, once again. I'll make it an even number, and the remaining funds will be used for WAX blockchain resources. For example - there were 2251 WAX raised and 2200 of it went into the pool, the other 51 is being used to pay for resources on the WAX blockchain such as RAM for NFTs.

  • If you want to pay with WAX, just click the drop page and purchase your NFT. It will automatically be minted to your WAX wallet. There are no limits.

  • If you want to pay with HBD, just send 1.25 HBD to @gmfrens with the Memo "GM:Miner V0.1 and (your WAX wallet address)". For multiple miner NFT purchases, just send additional HBD and the appropriate amount of miner NFTs will be delivered to your wallet at the end of the sale.

  • All funds raised from GM:Miner V0.1 sales will be used to add liquidity to the market for swapping. This will establish a real-world value for the GM token.

If you already purchased your GM:Miner v0.1 NFTs in the first sale, good on you! You got them about 25% cheaper than everyone else, and I already have plans for something special for early buyers. There's 127 Miner NFTs staked in the pool right now, so there's room for you to join the party!

I'll go ahead and say - this is not an investment. If you purchase a GM:Miner V0.1 NFT you are agreeing that this is an experiment and there is no guarantee of any kind of profit. You will be able to stake your NFT in the NFT staking farm to earn an hourly share of the GM token staking pool. The minimum stake period is 15 days, and the more people that join the pool, the lower the daily GM distribution will be.


Since the launch of GM:FRENS, a lot has happened. We have a developer now and are in the process of building a registration UI where you can connect your Hive wallet with your WAX wallet. We are also working on a way to start automating the distribution of mined tokens & a few other things I can't say just yet. The website is live, and currently under construction so it is not pretty at all. There are currently 57 GM token holders, up from 40 last week. There has been more GM burned each week due to unregistered users using the tag. We have a lot of fun shit planned, so strap in lads.

Thank you for supporting the project. Stay weird.

-Captain Howdy

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