How to easily create and list NFTs in less than 5 minutes on AirNFT for cents (No programming skills necessary)

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Today I made some NFTs on AirNFT. Here is how I did it. First I created an image using the NightCafe AI image generator. I used the text prompt 'NFT Creator', and chose the candy artistic style.

It gave me this image. You don't even need to login or register on NightCafe to do this by the way.


Doesn't really look like anything related to NFT creator to me but it looks fun and it will do.


Then go over to AirNFT.com and connect your wallet. I use Metamask.


Then all you need to do is choose one of the three available blockchains, name your NFT, and you can add attributes and a short description too. Upload you image and Voilà! It will ask you to set a price to add it to the market. It only charges you 14 cents for the storage for the image file, and gas fees for these chains are also very low. If you want you can then click the 'Remove from Sale' Button to take it off the market, again, you only need to pay cents, for the fee.

Once you take it off the market, you have several options, including transfering it to another account.


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