Article 8- Mechanized Method of Alluvial Gold Mine Test

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As we see in article 6, we discuss the local alluvial mine test that employs the use of the modern testing facility of SGS to confirm the results of the samples, let's discuss how this is done by the mechanized method. This method is called the Bold Test Method, you need a water source, a water pump connected to a water hose, on one end, the water hose is connected to a water source may be a river or stream, or water source and on the other end the hose connected to the inlet of the water pump, while a second hose is connected to the outlet of the water pump supplying a sluice box water for washing the gold-bearing materials. You also need an Excavator or and backhoe, preferably an excavator as it can do both tasks of digging and licking off the overburden effectively, especially where the depth of the overburden is deeper and at the same time does the job of the backhoe by feeding the sluice box with the AU materials. Take note, you have to get an excavator with a longer arm and a bigger bucket as this enables the excavator to cover a larger area of the land and gather the AU materials faster with more quantity, thereby increasing productivity.

sluice box headSource

sluice box headSource

Gold pan

sluice box connected to water pump hose

excavator for Alluvial gold source

Excavator feeding wash plant source

So you also need a gold pan as you can see in the pictures for panning the gold collected from the sluice box and of course a shovel for feeding the sluice box with the AU materials in a smaller-scale test operation. The mining test operation begins with the excavator licking off the overburden and then starts stockpiling the AU materials, thereafter from the stockpile of AU materials the excavator feeds the wash plant but in this case, a shovel is used to feed the sluice box head with the AU materials. Immediately, the AU is poured out inside the head of the sluice the water pump is switched on for it to wash the AU materials as it washes the AU the materials the gold particles being heavier are trapped by the mat section of the slice box. Thereafter the sluice box was dismantled and the mat was emptied inside a bucket with water to rinse the gold particles and the impurities inside the bucket which can now be re-run through a Hungarian rifle that has the capacity to trap the finest gold particles as you can see from the image below.

Hungarian Riffle

In our previous article 6, we said a ton of the AU material is equivalent to a bucket full of AU materials, therefore, if you wash about 4 bucket size full of AU materials it means you have processed 4 tons of the AU materials and after running the sample through the Hungarian riffle and you were able to recover 12 gerams of gold; 12/4 = 3 grams of gold, which means that the specific area tested in the mine has 3GPT, and from the results gotten from other areas of the mine, you can now decide whether the mine is rich enough for you to carry out mining operations.

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