Coins And Tokens To Look Out For

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

Welcome Friends To My Blog

Hello friends, I am delighted to see you visit my site once again.

Every happiness of an investor is to make profit (buying cheap and selling when there's a pump) and that may be accomplished by having the appropriate knowledge,if the coin would probably go well. I'm not a financial adviser either am i market analyst. Like my friend would say “nobody own the market ",no matter how you predict it will fail. We have witnessed a small bull this January after a very lengthy bear since last year. We think this is a favorable omen and that the crypto market will perform extremely well this coming here.

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These are things to watch out for when acquiring a coin or token

Do your research (DYOR): I have lost money in numerous shit coins since I purchased because my friends urged me to do so. Profit made by your buddy may be a loss to you. It all depends on when you joined the market.

Look at the coin's Market Cap: This is another crucial factor I check for before purchasing a coin. I look at the coin's past and present market performance to measure its volatility and risk.

Also Keep in mind that previous success does not guarantee future results, it's vital to diversify your portfolio and not to invest more than you can afford to lose. You may invest in more than one project but don't put all your eggs in one basket. People lost a lot of money last year in Luna because they invested all their life savings and even borrowed money. This is one thing I don't advise to do when it comes to crypto or acquiring a coin since there will be terrible times and good ones.


I purchased a few coins last year: matic, Ada, Sol. Although they are below the price I purchased them, I have never sold them out of fear. I still will be patient as a long term investment. Litecoin to me isn't a bad one to watch out for too. It still does pump occasionally when there's a bear market.

I know hive is not at the best pricing right now however hive is one currency which I am looking out for carefully. I enjoyed profit when it pumped to $0.9 last August despite the bad market. It offered me assurance. That's all I need patience and to accumulate more.

Also @Leo token it can be purchased from hive-engine or received when you publish via their front end. It is owned by the @leofinance community. Watching the token I am convinced it's going to perform well and am looking out for it.

@loh token another token I'm looking hard at. It's a token held by the @ladiesofhive community and used to appreciate individuals (male or female) who post and comment in their community. The delight this coin offers me is how it's pumping am confident holding some and will earn more.

N/B: This article is not a financial advice, you may conduct your own research using the suggestions I gave

Thank you for reading, will love to see you next time

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