Evmos Domains Governance Token $EVD - Airdrop & Eligibility...

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Hey All,


Have you following the project Evmos Domains. If not then let me just try to explain - What Evmos Domains is all about? The project lets you to register your own human-readable .evmos domain names that links to the address on the Evmos Blockchain.


Lets take an example now - Visit the Evmos Domains App to register a domain to link back to your wallet address. On the page enter the name of your choice and in this example of ours, I have my Evmos wallet register to the name healthdear.evmos for 3 Years..


Therefore, healthdear.evmos belong to me and if I don't renew it in 2025 I may my domain name Healdear.evmos and someone else can take this domain name on the Evmos blockchain. Its that simple.

Each Evmos domain can be used for decentralized web hosting with IPFS with a content hash record and evmos.link

Now that we have some understanding about the project - Evmos Domains - Lets have a look at the $EVD Airdrop and Eligibility details..

$EVD - Airdrop & Eligibility...

$EVD token is the Evmos Domains Governance Token and will be used to vote on the future direction of Evmos Domains and grant funding to various ecosystem, contributions to the project development using the treasury $EVD fund.

Total Supply - $EVD - 10 Mil Snapshot date: September 28th 2022 Distribution date: October 1st 2022

Airdrop Distribution details::

  • 40% of total supply [4 Mil.] will be distributed over 3 airdrops
  • 40% of total supply [4 Mil.] liquidity farming on Diffusion over 2 years
  • 20% [2 Mil] treasury allocated fund + plus any unclaimed $EVD Airdrop

The 40% i.e. 4 Mil $EVD Airdrop happens in 3 phases and the first Airdrop snapshot is taken on 28th September and $EVD is distributed on 1st October 2022. Here is the quick snippet to the First Airdrop break-up details::

  • Domain Holders (40%) - distributed to domain NFT holders
  • Registrants (20%) — distributed to accounts that directly register on Evmos Domains
  • OrbitalApes (10%) — distributed to buyers and sellers of domains on OrbitMarket & NFT holders
  • Stakers (10%) — stakers of EVMOS (5%, 100 minimum), ATOM (2.5%, 50 minimum), and OSMO (2.5%, 200 minimum).
  • Team (10%) - allocated to the Evmos Domains team
  • Contributors (2.5%) - distributed to users of our Contributor’s program.
  • Testnet users (2.5%) - distributed to testnet registrants.
  • Discord users (5%) - distributed to active Discord users

Final notes, check the full details about the $EVD Airdrop Here Since, I have registered a domain for 3 Years makes me eligible for the $EVD Airdrop. Also, I HOLD Orbital Apes NFTs and have $EVMOS staked; therefore looking forward to a good amount of $EVD tokens Airdropped... What will matter is the token price of $EVD being traded.. My plan is to HOLD all the $EVD tokens and add LP for it to the Diffusion App and gain more $DIFF and $EVD rewards... Lets see how it churns out...

Image Courtesy:: evmos domain, app.evmos.domain


Best Regards

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