GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS - Pack Staking Rewards Coming & My Strategy with $GLX...

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Hey All,


We got this recent announcement from the @GenesisLSports that the testing of pack staking rewards is currently on going and within a weeks timeframe players/users HOLDing the GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS packs would be able to stake their cards to receive staking rewards in the form of $GLX tokens. Currently, the Sale of the GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS cards pack is still ongoing and we have close to 230K+ Packs Remaining to be SOLD out.

Frankly speaking as of date, I have not bought the packs but I am inclined to buy at least 100 Packs in near future before the SALE end. Before, we get any further a quick update, we still have $GLX token Airdrop ongoing and this is will go on for a Year. Folks eligible for the Airdrop are the ones who have staked their Splintershards - $SPS tokens; which is the governance token of the game Splinterlands. A bit of a recap on what $GLX token is all about - GLX token is associated to GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS a blockchain-based, play2earn gaming platform and the ecosystem is specifically designed for sports games and NFTs. In coming weeks players are going to be rewarded for staking their cards as well. And that's super exciting.

My Current stake in $GLX & Compounding


From selling $GLX tokens earlier to now staking them and building my portfolio is the shift I have made. My Strategy for $GLX - Sell Or Stake? I sold $GLX at a good price and traded it for $SPS and then went on to stake all the $SPS.. But now when the price of $GLX has tanked and is trading at its all time lows, I have started accumulating and staking $GLX. Current, state as seen from the above image is that I have close to 1.8K+ $GLX staked to date. I am getting close to 120+ $GLX tokens Airdropped daily and somewhere around 20 to 30 $GLX as staking rewards.


Plan ahead is to get to a point where I have at least 10K+ $GLX staked. Considering the price at what $GLX is trading $0.08+ down -4%, its bit sad to see the price tanking as each day passes by. I don't feel good selling $GLX at these low levels and hence in the accumulation state. The fact that I don't own the GLS packs, I may consider buying 100 packs in near future. I don't want to pump in extra fiat but the plan is to leverage the passive income from all the crypto sources that I have.


1439+ HIVE I would need to buy 100 packs. I am pretty close to achieving my $SPS GOAL and once that is done all the resources/income would be directed in buying the GLX packs. And finally, where earlier I was thinking to have 5K+ $GLX staked and now double it seem possible. A quick trade here and there could lead me in a good position HOLDing $GLX tokens... Buy when everyone sells and sell one everyone buys strategy kinds works... so hopefully with $GLX we could see it work too in long run.. I am in here for long run and building a good solid crypto base holdings giving you the passive income stream which everyone desires apart from other fixed income sources.

GENESIS LEAGUE SPORTS - Pack Staking Rewards & My Strategy with $GLX...

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