My $SPS Stake, Strategy & Plans for VRUZ...

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Hey All,


When you start building an asset portfolio the craving to have more share in the assets keeps growing. And this is the case for $SPS where my longing for Splintershards (SPS) which is the governance token of the game Splinterlands continue to grow forever. I have been building my $SPS stake from day ONE. And today where it stands is 223K+ $SPS is staked and is compounding on a daily basis. There are a multiple streams from which I am earning/receiving $SPS on a daily basis.

My current $SPS HODLing...


The foremost is via the $SPS staking rewards and at the moment we have an APR of 21+% being given out. The other stream is for HODLing the Splinterlands in game assets like Land and License Rewards. In my case these game assets get me around 150+ $SPS on a daily basis. So what do I do with all these $SPS rewards received daily? The answer is pretty simple all the $SPS gets redirected into the $SPS staking pool.


I have this new GOAL for $SPS to reach to a point of having $300K+ $SPS staked. I started with 100K+ $SPS then moved onto 200K+ $SPS and now its 300K+ $SPS.. the more you have it the more you want it.. Its like a never ending process. Therefore the strategy will be to keep accumulating $SPS by all means may it be staking, LP or HODLing Splinterlands In game assets.

Altogether, if I see I am receiving close to 350+ $SPS daily via the staking and other rewards methods which I just explained above. There is no intension of any sorts to liquidate or sell any of the $SPS. I will continue to fill my $SPS bag and if $SPS falls below $0.02 cents then I would be looking for opportunities to buy $SPS in bulk. The game plan is to continue accumulating $SPS with all the current investment made and let them compound. It hurts to see $SPS trading at its all times low and best one could do is HOLD and BUILD from here. Focus is just to Build & HODL - $SPS for a long term perspective. $SPS being a governance token has many advantages and the foremost being giving its users to participate in the development of the project - where users can vote if they like a proposal or not to be implemented in the game.

My eliglbity for VRUZ & Plan Ahead


One such proposal that was put forth was around - SPS DAO Mints Promo Card for SPS Stakers - check the proposal Here for more details. In a nut shell all the $SPS stakers are eligible to buy this card for 1 VOUCHER. There is one condition though that you need to have at least 1K+ $SPS staked. Since, I had 223K+ $SPS staked this got me 223 VRUZ to be claimed. Now I need to shed 223 VOUCHER before claiming the cards. All the VOUCHER received via the SALE is going to be burnt so a good sink for VOUCHER token. So far I accumulated 160 VOUCHERs via the rewards mechanism and the plan is to await till the upcoming Sunday and see how much VOUCHERs till that can be collected via all the free means.

Each Vruz card purchased will also have a 4% (1 in 25) chance of being a Gold Foil version of the card, and players will be guaranteed to receive at least one Gold Foil version of the card for each 25 cards that are purchased in a single transaction.

Any sort VOUCHErs would be bought from the internal market. Hence, I would claim all my 223 VRUZ card at one go. This would also help increase the chances of getting more gold foil cards. As indicated by the splinterlands team you 4% (1 in 25) is the chances of being a Gold Foil version of the card. If I do a simple math 223/25 then I have like 8 Gold foil Viruz for sure to be received. And if I am luck this number could go higher as well. Somewhere around getting 10 Viruz Gold cards would be damn good. Further, I have no indentions of selling this card would rather give it out for rent. First would combine the cards and see if I can max this cards out. Though it would require some buying for me. In all happy to receive this promo cards and good to see that $SPS staking benefits coming out in some or the other forms. Looking forwards to many more such initiatives where the long term HOLDers for $SPS gets some advantage. cheers

Have Your SAY on $SPS....

What is your $SPS strategy looking like? Did you buy $SPS at the low levels? Staked your $SPS? Are you selling VOUCHERs? OR planning to buy more packs? Did you claim VRUZ? Got Lucky - with Gold foil card? How is your $SPS GOAL looking like?

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My $SPS Stake, Strategy & Plans for VRUZ...


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