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Hello all Splinterlands lovers,

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The new trick of using the Bot is working fine. Using the bot for battles is always a question of debate. I decided to us the mix strategy which means in ideal time the Bot will play the game when I don't have time and I will also play whenever I got the time for play. The ideal capture rate is also a loos in my opinion. And using the bot means I am able to utilizing the capture rate efferently. The effect of same can be seen in below summery as the ranked battle SPS earning is also increased along with daily chest rewards. In last season played more then 476 battles which is more then double the battles I used to play in past. The rental income is also slightly more then the last season.

Many things are new in game now. Runi was the most popular and attractive recent addition in Splinterlands. Some new proposals were added and Price Blood & Power Stones in DEC is the one currently active. Still chasing the SPS stacking goal and required 10k SPS to hit the goal of 75K stackied SPS .

Below are the season end reward.

Summery of Season Rewards ()

Total Quest Completed - 15

Total Battle Played - 476

Reward Card (DEC Value) - 1790

Ranked battle DEC/SPS Earning - 0/71.9

Loot Chest DEC/SPS Earning - 0/120.8

Tournament DEC Earning - 0

Pack (Credits) - 4x4000

Total DEC/SPS - 1790/192.7

Total Season Earning in $ - 25 aprox

Best Card Pulled from Chest - Countess Sinash (Value: $ 2)


Countess Sinash has ranged attack and belongs to the Fire Splinter which cost 8 mana to summon.

Rental Earnings

I have some spare cards (normal as well as gold foil) so I am trying my luck with rental also. In last season the rental was average. In total more then 8442 DEC was earned through the rental market. Luckily people rented the Gold Foil WAKA SPIRITBLADE, which boosts my rental earning.

If you have not started playing yet feel free to use my referrer link at the end of post. Comment your username for free card delegation.

Now my four summoners (Rare) are of lvl4 and one dragon (common) is of lvl5 😊

Here is current evaluation of my account.

Its more the $15.2K. The price of cards has been decreased as I can observer the 0.3k difference when comparing with price at the time I posted the precious report.

Here is Splinterlands Market Cap.


I am a member of Team Possible Power Guild. To join the discord group click on link You will find really nice people and informative too.

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If you new and want to try the game here is my affiliation link You can joint the official discord group also (please find the link at the end of the post).

Thanks to @minimining for delegated cards.



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