Buying the rumours selling the news

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4 months ago - 2 minutes read

Few months ago I heard the rumours of Airhawk-project starting up a new Tribe on Hive Engine, and I also heard of one stakes some airhawk coins they are liable to get upvote from thier curation trail which is by the way on the 6 position if am not mistaken on hive.Vote. It's good too be an early investors when it comes to trading cryptocurrency, so am investing massively on airhawk coin especially because of its supply. There is only about 1.5 million token currently in circulation and the price has increased tremendously, it got too as high as 0.02 airhawk/hive even without any real product or use case, although staking the coin was recently activated but aside from getting upvote from thier curation trail I don't thing there is any other reason to stake, probably is also locking up some of the circulating supply too reduce sell pressure, but either way am staking up more coins I have just increased my holdings to about 20k airhawk and am also creating a content too see if I would get the upvote for staking, to confirm if the rumours I heard are actually true.

The chart of this coin seems too be forming out well which means some one is actually trading this token, and I won't want too miss out on it! And again I heard airhawk coin is also a trading token for @airhawk-exchange, traders earn or mint airhawk when they sell hive/hbd or any of the hive-engine coins on thier social media groups on what'sapp and telegram. For more information visit thier telegram group By following this link

Thanks for stopping by let's see if i will be visited by thier curation trail.