The Year 2022 Was Really A Challenging And An Emotional Moment For The Crypto Space But Regardless We Are Still Optimistic

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

2022 wasn’t really great for the crypto space, has towards the ending of the first quarter we began to see decline in crypto prices which as predicted the year before it. We all had an intention that the bear wasn’t going to last long as it just be a minor correction of the market price, little did we know that the market took a new turn of it’s own as the primary digital asset bitcoin printed a new all time low.

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A renowned crypto analyst Rekt in a twitter session giving he’s view over the over all performance of the crypto market, he left with some words of encouragement to he’s audience has he says; “2022 was a difficult year for BTC investors Pretty much uninterrupted drawdown, with very room for relief to temporarily enjoy Emotionally challenging 2023 however will be different It will test the patience of investors, some may become disinterested.”

Are we going to witness a possible turn around for the crypto space as regards market prices, or the bear market ain’t really over yet.

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