SMT Contract configuration ? ? ?

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@hive-1035053 months ago
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Hello, we are looking for certain information to create SMT contracts.

For example: This is just an example. If you have 1000 FRENCH in stacking and you vote 100% on a given tag, you will earn 0.001 FRENCH. How should all of this be configured?

We have included a screenshot of the SMT contract table on tribaldex.com.

Alternatively, where can we find simple tutorials?

We are almost at 1000 BEE and we are starting to inquire since our token already has the ability to be in stacking.

We would like to thank in advance anyone who can provide us with information.

Should we create a SCOT robot or an SMT contract? What is the difference between the two?

What do the following settings require? We cannot see them before paying the 1000 BEE.

We currently have 890 BEE out of the 1000 required to do all of this.

Thank you to everyone who could help us with these topics. We have also posted the question on the Hive-engine Discord, so we will wait and see if we get any responses. If not, we will search the internet for answers.