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@hive-1035053 months ago
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Today, we would like to thank @anomadsoul for their delegation of 10K LEO. We will make good use of it by continuing to curate content in the FR community as our top priority. Additionally, we will also curate content on https://leofinance.io/, with the goal of accumulating LEO and other tokens through stacking. We will take advantage of this opportunity to try and earn as much as possible while rewarding good articles that we come across with the LEOFINANCE tag.

Ceci nous motive a participé au prochain LEO POWER UP .

Nous continuons aussi toujours notre participation au Power Up Month 2023-03

We also continue to participate in the Power Up Month 2023-03.

Regarding our goal of sharing at least 10 SWAP.HIVE with everyone who stakes at least 0.05 FRENCH every weekend for the rewards of that weekend, we have reached 14 SWAP.HIVE.