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Hello splinterlands lovers across the world, how are you doing? Let me use this medium to say happy belated birthday to all hiveans. It was a great celebration for every one of us here. I have been blessed by people across the world through hive; I have spoken to some people with heart of gold, who advised me; and I have had conversations with wonderful people here. Hive is a wonderful platform to be. Hiveans have blessed my life beyond imagination; hive is a place I have been blessed most by people; witnessing 3rd🥉 anniversary of hive is a big deal to me and I am not taking it for granted.
This is the reason most of my posts this week, I celebrate hive and shows the heart of appreciation.

The world is digital and most of the things are digitalizing. More play2earn games are coming up every day -by-day; and I believe more are still coming because we are in the era of technology. Therefore, inventors are digitalizing their products: they know that the best way to sell their products is through digital. You don’t need to hold a physical shop before your products are sold. In fact, when selling a product physically, the product will be constricted to a particular environment.

Next generation games are video games such as action games, simulation games, sport games, strategy games and many more. Therefore, splinterlands game is one of those next generation games which requires setting up your card in a strategic way. Splinterlands was created some years ago; I don’t want to mention the year because I may make a mistake of the year it was created. You get rewarded when you win against your opponents; you get rewarded with SPS (splinterlands Governance Token) or credit. The reward depends on the level; and the amount of reward also depends on the level of the players.
When I started the game, I was playing the game for fun, though it was designed as NFT’s but I did not understand the concept of the game. I was just in love with the game. Today, the game has added many things that make it so interesting, which a player can earn money from different sources. I have a friend earning more than $500 in a month from staking SPS, validator nodes, renting cards, and many more; I always wanted to be like her because I was craving for success in splinterlands; and I am still craving for it now.

Not all the ‘next generation games’ are play2earn games, some are for fun; Like the one that my friend is playing online with other players: there is nothing attached to it. It is a game where you get paired up with someone else without being rewarded. One thing I knew about #play2earn game is that you need capital to start it; and it depends on the game. Just like splinterlands, you need $10 to buy spellbook before you can have access to the game; then you can buy packs or cards to increase your level.

Therefore, if you believe in the next generation, the future belongs to you. This is because they are games that will take over other games in the world. The good news about this game is that they are accessible; if you have PC, compatible phones, and network, you can access this game anywhere in the world.

✅✅WHY I LOVE THE COMBINATION OF URIEL THE PURIFIER, SILVERSHIELD BARD AND SHIELDBEARER✅✅ This is my strategy when a big mana is given to me in a noxious fume. The reason is that if I used shieldbearer, my first monster could be attacked massively and destroyed in this battle. Hence the function of shieldbearer was to attract opponent monsters so that my other monsters could attack very well. I used sheildbearer as bait in this battle because I knew all opponent monster would attack sheildbearer due to its taunt ability.

✅✅RULESETS✅✅ What Doesn’t Kill You: All monsters have the enrage ability. This simply means that when a monster is attacked, all the stats increase such as speed and melee. Note that the magic and range attacked does not increase. Equalizer: The initial health of all monsters is equal to that of the monsters on either team with the highest base health. All the health on both teams playing the battle are the same.

Noxious fume: All monsters start the battle poisoned. All monsters poisoned except monsters with immunity. Monsters with immunity don’t get poisoned in this type of battle.

click here to watch the battle.

✅✅MONSTERS ARRANGEMENT✅✅ URIEL THE PURIFIER: ⭐⭐The best monster to lead the lineup because -the healing ability is supportive: the healing ability of this monster made it hard to be defeated in this battle. Toward the last round which was round 21 and above, when only two monsters were left in the battle- Uriel the purifier in my side, and gelatinous cube from my opponent. When fatigue was activated in round 21, enrage ability was activated in round 24 which damaged 15 health from gelatinous cube, and finally eliminated in round 26. -Recharge ability: Recharge ability was useful toward the end of the battle. SILVERSHIELD BARD: ⭐⭐⭐The cleanse ability was very important in this battle; that was the reason the poisoning ability did not affected Uriel the Purifier in this battle. If silvershield bard wasn’t in my lineup, Uriel would have been affected by noxious fumes.

With the presence of silvershield bard, I was very sure that poisoning ability would not affect Uriel the purifier. This is the reason I used silvershield bard in this battle. The monster got eliminated in round 6 by the opponent silvershield assassin.

DJINN RENOVA: ⭐⭐I selected Djinn Renova due to its magic attack. Since noxious fumes damage the health of monsters and Djinn Renova also damage the health of monsters directly in this battle. The direct damage was to contribute more damage to the opponent first monster. My opponent was very smart and wise; he used gelatinous cube with healing ability, of which the effect of Djinn Renova could not be felt so much in this battle due to healing ability of gelatinous cube.

Djinn Renova got eliminated in round 5 by Silvershield Assassin.

SANDWORM:⭐⭐⭐⭐ The 6-melee attack was instrumental in this battle. It was able to eliminate the opponent silvershield sheriff before it was eliminated in this battle. Sandworm was eliminated in this battle. SILVERSHIELD SHERIFF: ⭐⭐The monster did not accomplish its assignment. Because of the snipe ability of silvershield sherrif, I selected silvershield sheriff to attack from the middle; unfortunately, silvershield sheriff missed the target. The monster did not hit the target in this battle. This is the worst case I have ever seen this monster since I have been using it.

SHIELDBEARER: ⭐⭐This is one my best strategies using when a noxious fume was given to, the reason is: As we all known that silvershield bard is one of the monsters with lowest health in splinterlands, without equalizer rule, opportunity monsters attacked silveshield bard. To make sure silversheild bard is safe from opportunity monsters before cleanse ability is activated. Reduce the attack for the first monster: there are cases of which first monsters are attack most in battles, shieldbearer was to reduce the attack from the Uriel the purifier.

I stand up for success, and success is not achieved by merely making mouth, No room for laziness, no room for idleness. Success comes to the people who are desperately and consciously searching for it. When it seems unsuccessful or you smell failure around you, never discourage yourself to be successful. “Discouragement and failure are the two surest stepping stones to success.” - Dale Thank you for reading my post 👉👉👉To play splinterlands click here The pictures in this post are gotten from splinterlands website Sad Cry GIF by MOODMAN this gif is gotten from GIPHY