HiveBuzz rewards participants in the Afri-Tunes Anniversary event

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3 months ago - 2 minutes read

HiveBuzz is proud to announce a new badge for all participants in the Afri-Tunes Anniversary event!

Africa is a continent of great cultural richness and diversity, and its music is a reflection of this cultural heritage. African music is not only entertaining, but it is also a means of communication. It is therefore important to celebrate and promote African music and culture, and this is what the Afri-Tunes community is all about.

The Afri-Tunes community is a vibrant and dynamic community on the Hive blockchain dedicated to promoting African music and culture.

To celebrate their first year anniversary, they organized a music and writing contest that was open to all Hive users. The event was a great success!

To make the event even more special, HiveBuzz decided to sponsor it by creating a new badge to reward each participant.

The badge is a beautiful representation of African music and culture, and will be a symbol of recognition for all those who participated in the event.

The badge will now be distributed by the event organizers. Did you participate in the event? You will get a notification from us as soon as it will be displayed on your HiveBuzz board.

Thank you to @ksam for reaching us and asking for the creation of this new badge.

The HiveBuzz Team

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