Hivebuzz supports the HiveFest⁷ Travel Reimbursement Fund.

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10 months ago - 2 minutes read

HiveFest⁷ is coming fast and, as in previous years, the Travel Reimbursement Fund is open to help your fellow Hive users to travel and participate in this amazing event.

What is the Travel Reimbursement Fund?

The Travel Reimbursement Fund is an initiative created by @roelandp (full story here) for which you can donate any amount and that can be used by anyone attending HiveFest to relief some of the travel expenses to Amsterdam.

The Travel Expense Fund has been operating successfully for the previous four editions and has distributed the following amounts to travelers:

|Year|Donators|HIVE funded|HBD funded|Number of applicants| |-|-|-|-|-| |~~Steem~~Fest 2016 - Amsterdam|17|1034|7853|53| |~~Steem~~Fest 2017 - Lisbon|25|5000|4334|134| |~~Steem~~Fest 2018 - Krakow|81|4761|651|42| |~~Steem~~Fest 2019 - Bangkok|18|1025|46|none|

Note: You may wonder what happened to the @t-r-f funds in 2019 as there were no applicants. They were used in 2020 in the HiveFest⁵ VR edition giveaway, benefiting the whole community.

We are confident that we can beat the numbers from previous years and show how much Hive is a supportive community.

Support the Travel Fund and this badge is yours!

@t-r-f is open for funding! If you want to support fellow Hive users attending HiveFest⁷ to make it to Amsterdam and to lower their travel expenses, simply transfer any amount of HBD or HIVE to @t-r-f (note the dashes between the letters!)

If you donate at least 1 HIVE or 1 HBD to the Travel Reimbursement Fund then @hivebuzz will give you a new badge to display on your board:

As you may have noticed, our designer painted the badge airplane with the color of the Dutch national airline company.

We can't wait to see how many people can make it to Amsterdam thanks to your support.

On behalf of all HiveFest attendees, thank you!

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