HiveBuzz supports meetups of the Hive Austrian Community in Graz

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5 months ago - 2 minutes read

The Austrian community is very active on Hive and meets regularly. HiveBuzz was already supporting meetups organized in Vienna by @manncpt.

But he is not the only one to set up this type of event in his country. Another well-known member of the German-speaking community, @reiseamateur, also organizes meetups in Graz (and in other cities in the German-speaking area of Europe).

To stay up to date with the meetups organized in Graz, you can subscribe to the Hive Austria Meetups Community or check out the #hivemeetupgraz tag on Hive, or follow @reiseamateur.

Participate in a Hive meetup in Graz and get your badge

@HiveBuzz has prepared a new commemorative badge that attendees will receive when participating in a meetup in Graz. The badge attribution is managed by the meetup organizers and anyone getting the badge show it on their HiveBuzz board.

The next meetup in Graz will take place on January 26, at 6 p.m. If you're in the area, this is the best opportunity to hang an extra badge on your board.

Items available in the HiveBuzz shop

What could be better than appearing at the meetup with this new design, or giving yourself or someone else a nice souvenir gift?

The Hive Meetup Graz design is now available on the HiveBuzz shop. The time to have a look!

If you live in Austria, do not miss this opportunity to meet awesome Hivers. We hope you will all have a lot of fun gathering together!

Happy Hive Meetup!

PS: if you are a meetup organizer and you want to reward participants with a personalized badge, do not hesitate to contact us on Discord or Telegram.